Financier Cookie

Financier Cookie
Financier Cookie
Financier Cookie
휘낭시에맛 쿠키
GradeEpicSkill Cooldown15sec
PositionFRONTFrontTypeDEFENSEDefenseExternal LinkNamu WikiNamu Wiki
Release Date07/07/2022Best Toppings
Evaluation* Best Tanker * Tanker ideal for protecting delegatesVoice Actor
  • Sa Moonyoung (사문영)
  • Marissa Lenti
  • Yuzuki Ryoka (柚木涼香)
  • Punthita Lekcharoen (ปัณฑิตา เล็กเจริญ)
  • Yang Kaikai (楊凱凱)
  • Linda Fischer
  • Bérénice BALA

Cookie Soulstone/Soulcore

Financier Cookie's Soulstone
This stone holds a piece of Financier Cookie's soul. Holding it, you feel like its humble glint is only waiting for a divine command to become a dazzling flash.


IconFinancier CookieFinancier CookieCardFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie

Game Description

"I will only kneel before the Divines!" Financier CookieFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie has the qualities of an exemplary Paladin: she is most humble and sincere when offering a prayer yet radiates confidence and power, wielding her sword. No other cadet of the Paladin Academy could parallel Financier CookieFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie's outstanding abilities—perhaps, she was meant to be chosen for the honorable position of the Clotted Cream CookieClotted Cream CookieClotted Cream Cookie's personal bodyguard. A true Paladin does not flinch at an order: the greatest deeds perpetuating the order's glory are done by those who are not afraid of challenges, and Financier CookieFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie marches towards her goal with scrupulous and cold determination. But appearances can be deceiving: seek the Republic's most unfortunate, and they will tell you the Paladin's heart is full of kindness and compassion.

Character Inspiration

Like Madeleine CookieMadeleine CookieMadeleine Cookie, Financier CookieFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie fills the archetypal role of a paladin, an evangelical knight bound by their faith to protect others. Her namesake, a financier, is a rectangular, French almond cake that takes its name from its resemblance to a gold bar. This ingredient is reflected in her overall rectangular design motif and its golden details.


* According to her loading screen trivia, "All the little Cookies from the orphanage know Financier CookieFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie as gentle and caring. * Financier CookieFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie is one of the few Cookies who genuinely enjoy the raisin jellies of the raisin villagers. * Financier CookieFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie Korean voice actress, Sa Moonyoung, also provides the voices of Jungleberry Cookie, Madeleine CookieMadeleine CookieMadeleine Cookie's Second Auntie, and Jasminehead.png Jasmine Cookie. * Financier CookieFinancier CookieFinancier Cookie's English and Taiwanese voice actresses, Marissa Lenti and Yang Kaikai, also both provide the voice of Madeleine CookieMadeleine CookieMadeleine Cookie's Third Auntie. * Yang Kaikai is married to Crunchy Chip CookieCrunchy Chip CookieCrunchy Chip Cookie's Taiwanese voice actor, Yu Zhengchang.
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