Belle Cookie

Belle CookieBelle Cookie
dialogue bubbleBonjour, I’m Belle. It’s my first time in an enchanted kingdom.
Belle Cookie





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Voice Actor

  • Julie Nathanson
  • None (uses English audio)
  • Kim Seo-yeong (김서영)
  • None (uses English audio)
  • Unknown
  • None (uses English audio)
  • None (uses English audio)

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Game Info

Belle Cookie (Korean: 벨 쿠키, bel kuki) is a Guest Cookie released in the Festival of Dreams & Wishes update (version 3.4.002).

Game Description

Belle Cookie loves to get lost in a book! She isn't afraid of talking pianos or dancing pots, and will befriend anyone, even if he is a beast with a short temper. With Belle Cookie's bold spirit and imagination, nothing can stop her! Who knew such great adventures were hidden in books?!


Belle Cookie is one of the 20 first Cookies released in the Guest rarity. Belle Cookie's Korean voice actress, Kim Seo-yeong, also voices Devil Cookie. Belle Cookie's internal name is "cookie0552."
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