Cinderella Cookie

Cinderella CookieCinderella Cookie
dialogue bubbleWhy it's like a dream, a wonderful dream come true!
Cinderella Cookie





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Voice Actor

  • None (uses English audio)
  • Kim Bo-na (김보나)
  • Unknown
  • None (uses English audio)
  • Jennifer Hale
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  • None (uses English audio)

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Game Info

Cinderella Cookie (Korean: 신데렐라 쿠키, sindelella kuki) is a Guest Cookie released in the Festival of Dreams & Wishes update (version 3.4.002).

Game Description

All you need is a graceful twirl and wave from a magic candy cane to turn everything sweet! From beautiful candy glass slippers, a pumpkin coach, and even the Bear Jelly driver! Everything is ready for Cinderella Cookie's wish tonight: to attend the Cookie Kingdom's ball! But don't forget, you need to come back before the clock strikes midnight!


Cinderella Cookie is one of the 20 first Cookies released in the Guest rarity. Cinderella Cookie's hair resembles roll cake. Cinderella Cookie's Korean voice actress, Kim Bo-na, also voices Black Raisin Cookie. Cinderella Cookie's internal name is "cookie0554."
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