Dark Enchantress Cookie

Dark Enchantress Cookie



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Voice Actor

  • Patty McCormack
  • Nam Yu-jeong (남유정)
  • Park Romi (朴璐美)
  • Zheng Renli (鄭仁麗)
  • Sophita Rangsiyothai (โศภิตา รังสิโยทัย)
  • Anne Moll
  • Juliette DEGENNE

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Game Info

Dark Enchantress Cookie (Korean: 어둠마녀 쿠키, eo-dum-ma-nyeo kuki, "Dark Witch Cookie") is an NPC and the main antagonist of Cookie Run: Kingdom. She was the catalyst of the Dark Flour War, the great calamity that brought the era of the Ancient Heroes to its end. She is the leading villain in World Exploration, appearing in Stage 8-30, much of Episode 10, and the end of Cookie Odyssey. She is a Legendary Cookie and, as is the case with most other Legendary Cookies, is currently not playable. As opposed to the other Legendaries, she is officially classified as a villain.

Game Description

It is said every thousand years all witches from near and far come together for the Night of the Witches. And on that very night, Dark Enchantress Cookie was born. A dose of concentrated dark magic and poisonous scarlet pomegranate syrup gives this Cookie a deliciously evil taste. Since the moment of her creation, Dark Enchantress Cookie was filled with sweet ambition, she brought chaos to the Night of the Witches gathering and escaped, taking with it the secrecies of the witches. But now, after so many years, a dark shadow has emerged, could it be... her?
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