GentleBrave's Tuxedo

Release Date


Game Description

Wait-wait-wait! Hold your disappointed sighs! Take a moment to appreciate the sleekness of this layer of rich chocolate. GingerBrave says he ordered this brand-new outfit just for this year's Halloween Masquerade. And we gotta say: he's lookin' sharp tonight!


GentleBrave's Tuxedo is a guaranteed reward from Mont Blanc Cookie when she asks the player to perform their first draw from the Costume Gacha. For a period of time, this Costume held a bug where GingerBrave's eyebrow would erroneously display through the back of his head in overworld game segments. This Costume is identical to GingerBrave's Tuxedo Costume from Cookie Run: OvenBreak. GentleBrave's Tuxedo is the only Costume in the Halloween Commotion Costume Set which does not have a special, full illustration and did not appear with raised odds of acquirement in the Set's gacha banner.