Goofy Cookie

Goofy CookieGoofy Cookie
dialogue bubbleOh boy! What a yummy adventure!
Goofy Cookie





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Voice Actor

  • None (uses English audio)
  • None (uses English audio)
  • Miyamoto Takahiro (宮本崇弘)
  • Hong Bum-ki (홍범기)
  • None (uses English audio)
  • None (uses English audio)
  • Bill Farmer

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Game Info

Goofy Cookie (Korean: 구피 쿠키, gupi kuki) is a Guest Cookie released in the Festival of Dreams & Wishes update (version 3.4.002).

Game Description

Goofy Cookie, as his name suggests, can be rather goofy. His sense of humor might be odd at times with all the chuckling when others are complaining, but he will always enjoy lending a helping hand to any of his cookie friends. From the looks of him sniffing around with his baguette-long snout, it looks like Goofy Cookie is quite fond of the Cookie Kingdom!


Goofy Cookie is one of the 20 first Cookies released in the Guest rarity. Goofy Cookie's internal name is "cookie0544."
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