Lilo Cookie

Lilo CookieLilo Cookie
dialogue bubbleOhana. It means family in Hawaiian.
Lilo Cookie





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  • Seol Ga-eun (설가은)
  • Unknown
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  • Daveigh Chase

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Lilo Cookie (Korean: 릴로 쿠키, lillo kuki) is a Guest Cookie released in the Festival of Dreams & Wishes update (version 3.4.002).

Game Description

Lilo Cookie and Stitch Cookie are the best of friends. Ever since they first met, she has had her adorable yet mischievous best friend following her every adventure, because that's what families do. Together, the two can get caught up in trouble sometimes, but you can't help but cheer them on their adventures!


Lilo Cookie is one of the 20 first Cookies released in the Guest rarity. Lilo Cookie's internal name is "cookie0546."
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