Millennial Tree Cookie

Millennial Tree Cookie



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Voice Actor

  • Keith Silverstein
  • Ahn Hyo-min (안효민)
  • Miki Shin'ichiro (三木眞一郎)
  • Lin Guzhen (林谷珍)
  • Tinpawat Ditthahiran (ติณณ์ปวัฒน์ ดิษฐาหิรัญ)
  • Janek Schächter
  • Martial LE MINOUX

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Game Info

Millennial Tree Cookie (Korean: 천년나무 쿠키, cheon-nyeon-namu kuki) is an unreleased Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. He is a playable Legendary Cookie in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, but he is currently not playable in Kingdom. His only appearances so far are on the official site, in The Art of Cookie Run: Kingdom, and in the launch trailer.

Game Description

Deep inside a secret grove, there was a majestic ancient tree. Its roots went deep inside the ground and far to the very corners of the world. When the scarlet curse devoured the grove, the tree sealed itself in a magic slumber to resist the dark sorcery. With the help of the Cookies, Millennial Tree Cookie's silence was finally broken. Once again, he is ready to vanquish Darkness and make the world a blooming garden it once used to be...
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