Peter Pan Cookie

Peter Pan CookiePeter Pan Cookie
dialogue bubbleWould ya look at all the sugary treats? This place is swell!
Peter Pan Cookie


Peter Pan



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  • Blayne Weaver
  • Nam Doh-hyeong (남도형)

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Peter Pan Cookie (Korean: 피터팬 쿠키, piteopaen kuki) is a Guest Cookie released in the Festival of Dreams & Wishes update (version 3.4.002).

Game Description

Peter Pan Cookie, the Cookie who wouldn't grow stale! With Tinkerbellhead.png Tinker Bell Cookie by his side, and his trusty biscuit sword, he will make sure you're safe and sound in the Cookie Kingdom! With the brave Peter Pan Cookie by your side, not even the pirates from the Soda Islands will dare to touch you!


Peter Pan Cookie is one of the 20 first Cookies released in the Guest rarity. Peter Pan Cookie's Korean voice actor, Nam Doh-hyeong, also voices Mickey Mouse Cookie and Madeleine Cookie. Peter Pan Cookie's internal name is "cookie0548."
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