Guild Battle is a permanent, seasonal game mode first released in beta in the Beacons of Unity update (v1.2) alongside the release of Guilds. The mode was revamped and fully released in the Festival of Dreams and Wishes mid-update (v3.5).The mode consists of three individual bosses: Red Velvet Dragon, Avatar of Destiny, and Living Abyss. Each boss has individual skills, strengths and weaknesses, and strategies needed to defeat them. Damage inflicted on any of the bosses is shared between guildmates, allowing all members to contribute towards the same goals and rewards.Each Guild Battle season will consist of four rounds, one per week, for a total of 24 playable days and 4 tallying days. Players can fight each boss a maximum of 9 times per round. If a player fights all 18 battles possible in a round, they will be rewarded with 400 Heroic Medals. Guilds as a whole can fight a maximum of 540 battles per round.On the tallying day, all battles will be closed while results are calculated, and all bosses will be reset to Lv.1 for the next round. Players will receive round rewards based on their Guild's overall ranking. On the final tallying day of the season, players will receive both round and season rewards.
Guild Battle - Red Velvet Dragon Guild Battle - Red Velvet Dragon

Guild Battle - Red Velvet Dragon

길드 토벌전 - 레드벨벳 케이크 드래곤
Guild Battle - Red Velvet Dragon

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