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Cookie Run Kingdom. How can I manage stock?
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Meaning of Color
If it's on the main gold supply and demand list, it'll be sold no matter what.
It's not tricky, but it's sold during the trading season. It's sold on days when there's no time to reroll the wish tree.
Items that are not sold. Even during the trade season, they are sold according to the situation.
Items that are never sold, items that are difficult to exchange at trading centers, and items that are sold only if they are not sold 1% during the trading season.
Raw Material
  • Because the production speed is fast, produce level 2
  • Usually, trade offices ask for 300 each, so they have more time.
  • level 2 production is the most efficient.
  • I'll keep it relaxed considering the amount required by the trading center.
  • Since both materials may be lacking quickly, items that need to be managed.
  • It's never sold at Wish Tree
  • In the regular season, produce as shown in the table above
  • When preparing for a big trade, we produce 20 more to circulate wish trees
  • When a research institute needs blacksmithing materials, it is flexibly increased and reduced to control
Carpentry Shop
Carpentry Shop
Jampie DinerArtisan's Workshop
Artisan's Workshop
Flower ShopDairy Factory
Dairy Factory
Usual Time
Free Time
Sleep Time
Latte Cafe
Latte Cafe
Toy Store
Toy Store
Barrel Inn
Barrel Inn
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  • 생산에는 부담이 크지 않아 신경 쓸일이 없는 건물
Maison du Cake
Maison du Cake
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  • Party CakeParty Cake가 가장 쉬움
  • Spooky MuffinSpooky Muffin MilkMilk를 많이 소모하니 빠른 업그레이드 추천
Jewelry Salon
Jewelry Salon
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