Bookseller's Monocle

Bookseller's MonocleEPIC_treasureBookseller's Monocle
Bookseller's Monocle
Treasure TypeActiveCharge17sCooldown23s
Release Date03/06/2021DescriptionOne glance through this crystal clear monocle is able to detect and cleanse debuffs from the whole party! And restore X% of each Cookie's Max HP too!
Evaluation* Help a Cookie team get through a level where enemies can inflict a potentially-lethal debuff on one's Cookie, or break them from a long stun, all the while healing the entire team. * Because of its lengthy cooldown, it's best to activate it when it can have the most effect. In Kingdom Arena, the cleanse and heal can turn the tide against an enemy Skill combo, or break them out of an area-of-effect stun to counterattack, although the very lengthy cooldown means that it can only happen once.
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