Divine Honey Cream Crown

Divine Honey Cream CrownEPIC_treasureDivine Honey Cream Crown
Divine Honey Cream Crown
Treasure TypeActiveCharge2sCooldown12s
Release Date08/11/2022DescriptionThe divine aura enhances the skill of the Cookie with the highest ATK, increasing the Cookie's CRIT% by X% and CRIT DMG by Y% for a certain period of time starting from the moment the skill is used.
Evaluation* Grim-looking ScytheGrim-looking ScytheGrim-looking Scythe It is a specialized reinforced treasure that follows Grim-looking ScytheGrim-looking ScytheGrim-looking Scythe is that it only applies to the most aggressive cookies, but only when using the skill and increases the critical damage factor. * rare treasure in this respectSimilar to Bear Jelly's LollipopBear Jelly's LollipopBear Jelly's Lollipop and specialized in fatal hits 오이스터, a high-dill 뱀파이어Good compatibility with }.
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