Insignia of the Indomitable Knights

Insignia of the Indomitable KnightsEPIC_treasureInsignia of the Indomitable Knights
Insignia of the Indomitable Knights
Treasure TypePassiveRelease Date01/19/2022DescriptionThe spirit of the indomitable restores X% of HP of all remaining Cookies whenever an ally Cookie falls. If the last surviving Cookie is about to be defeated, the Cookie will become invincible for Y sec before the Cookie falls.
Evaluation* Mandatory for teams that use 실론나이트, healing all Cookies by a percentage of their max HP whenever an ally is defeated, while also granting the final survivor a short period of invincibility before they can be defeated themselves. * 실론나이트's Tea knight skill Battlemaster can be optimized using this treasure, allowing him to tear down almost any team by himself after his teammates fall. * Other teams can also use this treasure simply to counter one-shot compositions in Kingdom Arena, assuming they're tanky enough to counterattack. * However, it's far poorer for World Exploration, as it requires Cookies to fall to have any effect.
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