Almond Cookie


Almond Handcuffs

Almond Handcuffs


Uses MagicMagical handcuffs to apprehend the enemy with the lowest max HP (targets Cookies first) and apply the Damage Link debuff, which disperses a portion of damage the apprehended enemy receives between up to five linked enemies (cannot be applied to summoned creatures). Cannot be interrupted.


• Damage Link: 70% (+0.6% DMG per level) • Duration: 3.0 sec







Release Date



• Use it with brave cookies and rye flavored cookies in all the herbal decks. • Unrivaled versatility in Arena Deck composition • Setting difficulty is high.

Voice Actor

  • Ray Chase
  • Sung Wan-kyeong (성완경)
  • Tsuda Kenjirō (津田健次郎)
  • Huang Tianyou (黃天佑)
  • Praphat Sinthopworakun (ประภัฒน์ สินธพวรกุล)
  • Andreas Otto
  • Slimane YEFSAH

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Soulstone Farming

Dark 3-17, 9-30
Master 4-20

Game Info

Almond Cookie (Korean: 아몬드맛 쿠키, amondu-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the second half of the Beacons of Unity update (v1.2). He is of the SupportSupport SupportSupport type and his position is prioritized to the Rear Rear. Almond Cookie is the head detective of the MagicMagical Emergency Handling (M.E.H.) department of Parfaedia. He played a significant role in Flame of Unity as well as the role of the professor of the special seminar, Preventing MagicMagical Accidents & Mishaps, in the Parfaedia Institute Event. He is Walnut Cookie's father, and his Pet and companion is Constable Whiskers.

Game Description

Pristine coat. Perfect shirt. Combed hair. He always starts his day fresh, prim, and proper. But it never lasts long... After being dispatched to spells gone awry from alley to alley, it looks as if Almond Cookie has been on the job for days on end without a single break. If it isn't an enchanted grimoire moving on its own, it's some MagicMagical cauldron spewing Jellies without pause. Despite the chaos on every scene, the veteran detective solves each case by the book with pinpoint precision. The almonds in his dough give him a hardy, rough and tough crisp that can withstand just about anything thrown at him, but he's overworked to the point that his dough no longer contains the rich scent of almonds. "Can't even get a coffee break," he sighs as another MagicMagical mishap needs his attention. With his coat fluttering in the wind, Almond Cookie looks upon his city and vows to keep going at it until he can finally relax with a decent coffee.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Almond Cookie's soul. Looks a bit rough around the edges but shines bright still.
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