Cookie Tier

GingerBraveGingerBraveCookie Tier
The Sugar Gnome's Warehouse's official lineup of numerous playable Cookies ranked by their perceived potential in multiple different game modes.
  • S+ Tier - The cream of the crop, Cookies in this tier are the most effective, powerful, and valuable out of all the tiers, often being highly versatile as well.
  • S Tier - Highly useful in their own right, but individual flaws or simple incompatibility with other Cookies causes them to be slightly less desirable than S+ tier Cookies.
  • A Tier - These are overall strong Cookies that can be used as substitutes for others or are essential for specific comps.
  • B Tier - Useful for early-game and/or niche activities.
  • C Tier - Cookies in these tiers are either outdated or simply can't pull their weight.
  • D Tier - E-tier Cookies are largely ineffective and offer no real benefit when used. It's highly recommended that higher-ranking Cookies are considered over these.
  • F Tier - Cookies that have not been used in the past and will not be used in the future unless they are buffed
S+Black Pearl CookieBlack Pearl Cookie* It's a must for the top rankers in the kingdom arena * Best Dealers with High Offensive and Penetrating Cookies Avoidance Cookies * Various debuffs such as Healing Down, neglect of reduction of damage, Terror of the Abyss, etc
S+Financier CookieFinancier Cookie* Best Tanker * Tanker ideal for protecting delegates
S+RM CookieRM Cookie* The best healer that combines the strengths of the existing healers * Stability and Damage Reduction Buffs in Cream Unicorn CookieCream Unicorn CookieCream Unicorn Cookie * Persistent Heels and Harmful Effects of Parfait CookieParfait CookieParfait Cookies Buffs * Special Invincible Effects of Candy Diver CookieCandy Diver CookieCandy Diver Cookie * Cocoa CookieCocoa CookieCocoa Cookie fainting immunity * Pure Vanilla CookiePure Vanilla CookiePure Vanilla Cookie's protective shield
S+SchwarzwälderSchwarzwälder* Top compatibility of Wildberry CookieWildberry CookieWildberry Cookie * The skill mechanism of pPurple Yam CookiePurple Yam CookiePurple Yam Cookie or Wildberry CookieWildberry CookieWildberry Cookies is turned upside down, hit hard first, and the dill tang gets stronger for 8 seconds, so it's strong because you don't have to wait until the extreme deal * One tanker line with sufficient specification
S+Purple Yam CookiePurple Yam Cookie
S+Captain Caviar CookieCaptain Caviar Cookie* Espresso CookieEspresso CookieEspresso Cookie and Caramel Arrow CookieCaramel Arrow CookieCaramel Arrow Cookie have similar performance, so they are usually used * High skill factor is advantageous for dealer sniping * He has an advantage and good skill judgment
S+Espresso CookieEspresso Cookie* If you're above the 10th round of wizard soup, you'll get a fainting debuff added to your skill * High damage and fainting deburf is a flawless dealer with both fluidity
S+Clotted Cream CookieClotted Cream Cookie
S+Eclair CookieEclair Cookie* It's a cookie that is used in guild battle and cookie alliance * Damage increase Debuff + Deal + Protective film increases deck stability * He's the unrivaled S tier support type * buffing outVulnerable to deck with Bookseller's MonocleBookseller's MonocleBookseller's Monocle
SSorbet Shark CookieSorbet Shark Cookie* Best epic cookie that show excellent performance in adventure, arena, and guild battle
SVampire CookieVampire Cookie* Unrivaled single dealer * 1:1 best
SCream Unicorn CookieCream Unicorn Cookie* a stable healer * Buff type healer with high heel volume and buff fit on flat heel * a good match for Librarian's Enchanted RobesLibrarian's Enchanted RobesLibrarian's Enchanted Robes * The key is to increase the cool time and take the initiative with silence
SOyster CookieOyster Cookie
SCotton CookieCotton Cookie
SPumpkin Pie CookiePumpkin Pie Cookie
SCrunchy Chip CookieCrunchy Chip Cookie
SWildberry CookieWildberry Cookie
SCaramel Arrow CookieCaramel Arrow Cookie* Attack speed, such as Madeleine CookieMadeleine CookieMadeleine Cookie and Lilac CookieLilac CookieLilac Cookie, not used with cookies, but used alone * Fainting immunity and strong percentage damage with skill use
AMacaron CookieMacaron Cookie* The guild's conquering archangel is showing excellent performance
AWerewolf CookieWerewolf Cookie* cookie that perform well at arena, adventure, cake tower * Almond team counter that can block skill cooltime
ASquid Ink CookieSquid Ink Cookie* Large skill range, high damage * If you don't have a magical dealer, it's a good choice * Not recommand for guild battle
ADark Cacao CookieDark Cacao Cookie* Arena 1 on 1 winner. * no.1 debuffer
AHollyberry CookieHollyberry Cookie* The standard tanker with high damage.
AMilk CookieMilk Cookie
BSea Fairy CookieSea Fairy Cookie* 3 sec, high damage * Legendary dealer who unrivaled dignity. * Must have cookie for Top Arena Ranker
BFrost Queen CookieFrost Queen Cookie
BRye CookieRye Cookie* Unique destructive power with almonds * Cookies used evenly for adventure boss and guild battle * It's used to cut major enemy dealers or healer
BAffogato CookieAffogato Cookie
BCocoa CookieCocoa Cookie* Deck counter with many stun skills * It's hard to say I'm a tanker * Skill ignored Stun and used on specific stages of world exploration
CRed Velvet CookieRed Velvet Cookie* counter for rye cookie, almod cookie team
CPure Vanilla CookiePure Vanilla Cookie* The best healer with full heels and shield skills * Because the entire protective layer is the biggest feature, it is vulnerable to Dark Cacao CookieDark Cacao CookieDark Cacao Cookie and Twizzly Gummy CookieTwizzly Gummy CookieTwizzly Gummy Cookie with an "overcurrent" debuff that removes the protective layer.
CAlmond CookieAlmond Cookie* Main cookie to make one turn kill team with ginger brave, rye cookie
CCream Puff CookieCream Puff Cookie
DPomegranate CookiePomegranate Cookie* cookie that perform well at arena, adventure, cake tower * Almond team counter that can block skill cooltime
DHerb CookieHerb Cookie* If you don't have pure vanilla
DParfait CookieParfait Cookie* Support cookie with good heel and versatile buffs
DTea Knight CookieTea Knight Cookie
FLicorice CookieLicorice Cookie* Adventures, arenas, guild battle. Good-performance cookies are all used * Jungle Warrior's Hard Counter with increased defense.
FLatte CookieLatte Cookie
FMango CookieMango Cookie* Cookies with ambiguous performance behind sea fairies * damage supporter or dealer
FPastry CookiePastry Cookie* it's good at dealing with enemies with multiple attacks
FSnow Sugar CookieSnow Sugar Cookie* Main Dealer of Summon team
FMala Sauce CookieMala Sauce Cookie* increases CRIT% * It has good performance, but it's a cookie that's sensitive to conditions
FTwizzly Gummy CookieTwizzly Gummy Cookie* Pure Vanilla CookiePure Vanilla CookiePure Vanilla Cookie's counter due to invalidation of the shield
FCandy Diver CookieCandy Diver Cookie
FCherry Blossom CookieCherry Blossom Cookie
FMint Choco CookieMint Choco Cookie* Support cookie that is used in arena, adventure
FLilac CookieLilac Cookie* Strengthen our team * Buffer for attack speed team
FMadeleine CookieMadeleine Cookie* The main dealer and tanker of attack speed team
FKumiho CookieKumiho Cookie
FDark Choco CookieDark Choco Cookie* An irreplaceable role in guild battle and adventure boss battles
FRaspberry CookieRaspberry Cookie* Charge dealer cookies that are hired evenly at Arena, Adventure, Guild Battle
FPoison Mushroom CookiePoison Mushroom Cookie* 1 tier of guild battle * Addiction damage is not affected by attack reflection, it is essential for guild battle
FTiger Lily CookieTiger Lily Cookie* cookie that perform well at arena, adventure, cake tower * Almond team counter that can block skill cooltime
FStrawberry Crepe CookieStrawberry Crepe CookieTanker that performs well in Arena and Adventure
FBlack Raisin CookieBlack Raisin Cookie* Cookies that are used evenly in adventures, guild battle, and arenas
FMoon Rabbit CookieMoon Rabbit Cookie* Complement the shortcomings of GingerBraveGingerBraveGingerBrave Team * It's a great performance at Adventure
FChili Pepper CookieChili Pepper Cookie
FFig CookieFig Cookie
FSparkling CookieSparkling Cookie* Buffer and healer that heal and increases the critical chances * Sickle + candy treasure + sparkling + topping can make it close to 100% critical chance
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