Mysterious Nocturnal Guide
Angel Cookie

Release Date


Game Description

Every traveler hailing from the Golden Cheese Kingdom knows the legend of a peculiar being draped in a sheet of marzipan that appears out of nowhere before Cookies lost in the desert. Quite suspiciously, the being offers to follow them, but whoever accepts the offers... finds themselves arrived at their destination. It is said that a night in the open desert no longer scares anyone after meeting the mysterious guide!


Mysterious Nocturnal Guide references Medjed an Egyptian god that boasts a very similar expression and simple appearance. The art for Mysterious Nocturnal Guide was first seen on an art reference sheet for Marzipan Cookie, comparing their similar eye expressions. Mysterious Nocturnal Guide is the first and currently only Epic Costume belonging to a Common Cookie. According to the Story of the Eternal Golden Light Costume Set, Golden Cheese Cookie Golden Cheese Cookie granted Angel Cookie's wish to fly by strengthening their wings. This is reflected in Mysterious Nocturnal Guide having larger wings than any of Angel Cookie's other costumes.