Black Raisin Cookie

Black Raisin CookieBlack Raisin Cookie
dialogue bubbleINTRUDER, stop right there!
Black Raisin Cookie
Shadow Watcher

Shadow Watcher


No one can hide from the keen Black Raisin Eye! The Cookie vanishes into the shadows, appears amidst the enemy ranks (targets Cookies first), and strikes several times, dealing substantial area damage.


• Single hit DMG: 79.7% (+0.93-0.94% DMG per level)





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• Dealer Cookies for all levels of adventure, conquest, and arena • Skill often chewed due to narrow range • Currently not used mainly because of other cookies

Voice Actor

  • Géraldine ASSELIN
  • Orikasa Fumiko (折笠富美子)
  • Yannika Yuyongsin (กรรณิกา อยู่ยงสินธ์)
  • Anni Sultany
  • Kim Bo-na (김보나)
  • Zhang Naiwen (張乃文)
  • Tiana Camacho

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Game Info

Black Raisin Cookie (Korean: 블랙레이즌맛 쿠키, beullaekreijin-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released alongside Pure Vanilla Cookie in the first half of the Lost Kingdom update (v1.3). She is of the Ambush type and her position is prioritized to the Middle. She plays a supporting role in World Exploration's Castle in the Sky and Timeless Kingdom in which she teams up with GingerBrave and Friends to explore the Vanilla Kingdom above the clouds. She later makes a reappearance as a supporting role in Chapter 1 of Cookie Odyssey.

Game Description

Harsh wind, crooked trees, streets ravaged by the war... Who is it there, hiding among the shadows? Black Raisin Cookie, the sole protector of the unfortunate remnants of a once-great Kingdom. Made of shriveled, wrinkly raisins, this Cookie has learned the value of survival no matter what. Even having lost one arm to the dangers of this rough barren, this Cookie keeps hunting for scarce food to feed those who put their trust in her. Despite all the hardships, Black Raisin Cookie doesn't lose the warmth of a Cookie heart: everyone deserves help, even a sorry one-legged crow. A new day is breaking, and another challenge is here. But Black Raisin Cookie will be there for the villagers, watching over them from the dark.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Black Raisin Cookie's soul. It's as dark as night, but emanates a strong aura of unity.
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