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Capsaicin Cookie


Capsaicin Magma

Capsaicin Magma


Capsaicin Cookie transforms with the surge of magma power. When he has transformed, his regular attacks will cause Lava Eruptions, inflicting Burn and Magma debuffs to enemies. While transformed, Capsaicin Cookie will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. After his transformation, Capsaicin Cookie will enter Spice Overlord mode with all the intense magma power and deliver his final strike. If he becomes immobilized during the battle, he will become Immortal, dispelling his debuffs and cannot be immobilized for a certain period. The first cooldown of Capsaicin Cookie's skill will be shortened, allowing for faster skill use.


• Single Hit DMG: Fire Element61.0% of ATK • Lava Eruption DMG: Fire Element183.0% of ATK • Magma Debuff: Fire DMG +20.0% for 20 sec, stacks up to x3 • Burn DMG: Fire Element27.3% DMG every 1 sec for 16 sec, stacks up to x3 • Spice Overlord DMG: Fire Element682.5% of ATK • Spice Overlord Burn DMG: Fire Element54.6% DMG every 0.8 sec for 16 sec, stacks up to x1 • Spice Overlord Lava Eruption DMG: Fire Element130.0% of ATK + Fire Element20.0% DMG for every stack of Magma debuff • Immortality: lasts for 6 sec, activated 1 time







Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Adam Gold
  • Im Chae-bin (임채빈)
  • Morishima Shūta (森嶋秀太)
  • Chen Yanjun (陳彥鈞)
  • Itthipol Mameket (อิทธิพล มามีเกตุ)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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Soulstone Farming

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Fire ElementFire Element

Game Info

Capsaicin Cookie (Korean: 캡사이신맛 쿠키, kaepsaisin-mat kuki) is a Super Epic Cookie released alongside Prune Juice Cookie in the Triple Cone Cup update (v4.3). He is of the ChargeCharge type and his position is prioritized to the Front.

Game Description

I'll show you the true meaning of SPICE!!! What is this voice, rumbling more intensely than an erupting volcano?! It's none other than Capsaicin Cookie! This Cookie is a product of a fiery mix of capsaicin, the essence of spice, and burning hot magma. Perhaps that's why Capsaicin Cookies's personality, behavior, and strength are all super explosive. It's no surprise that he gained a reputation as the strongest Cookie as soon as he enrolled in Scovillia, a school for only the spiciest of Cookies. Despite his wild exterior, this cookie has won the hearts of every cookie around him with the burning sincerity buried deep in his magma heart. The name Spice Overlord and his now-melted shackles were once a reminder of his pained past, but fear not! Capsaicin Cookie will never lose himself as long as he's able to face his own spice!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Capsaicin Cookie's soul. Just coming close will make you sweat from the heat, but once you actually touch it, you'll be surprised by the warmth and the passion that resonates throughout.

Character Inspiration

Capsaicin is a chemical extracted from chili peppers; as it imparts a burning sensation in any organic tissue with which it comes into contact, it has numerous real-life uses, such as being a key ingredient in spicy foods and pepper spray and being beneficial in treating aches and pains. Capacisin's design is overall reminiscent of an archetypal demon.


Capsaicin Cookie is the first and only Cookie to be based after a chemical. Capsaicin Cookie's internal number is "cookie0575". Capsaicin Cookie's Taiwanese voice actor, Chen Yanjun, also provides the voice of Spicy Mala Warrior and Snowfall Villager.
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