Cherry Blossom Cookie

Cherry Blossom CookieCherry Blossom Cookie
dialogue bubbleShall we go on a picnic?
Cherry Blossom Cookie
Cherry Blossom Rain

Cherry Blossom Rain


Get ready for a storm of cherry blossoms! Cherry Blossom Cookie flies up to shower her enemies with a rain of cherry blossoms, dealing area damage. She will deal additional damage to non-Cookie opponents and increase the ATK of all allies: the bonus value will depend on the number of enemies hit with the skill.


• Single hit DMG: 48.3% (+0.66% DMG per level) • Additional DMG to non-Cookie targets: 10.0% • With each 3 hits, the DMG decreases by 20.0% (cannot get decreased by more than 80.0%) • +2.5% ATK for 12 sec, stacks up to x10 times


Cherry Blossom





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• Good for avoiding skills because position changes when using skills • Tanker deck counter with proportional damage to physical strength

Voice Actor

  • Sarah Wiedenheft
  • Lila LACOMBE
  • Linda Fölster
  • Nasnan Chamrunthat (นัสนันท์ จำรูญทัต)
  • Kim Ha-ru (김하루)
  • Yan Janice (閻奕格)
  • Maeda Kaori (前田佳織里)

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Game Info

Cherry Blossom Cookie (Korean: 벚꽃맛 쿠키, beotkkot-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the third part of the Heroes of Dark Cacao update (v2.9). She is of the Ambush type and her position is prioritized to the Rear. She stars in her Cookie Story, The Best Spring Picnic Ever, alongside her sister, Cherry Cookie.

Game Description

On a warm spring day, the first pink cherry blossoms were collected, then infused for a generous amount of time. Then this essence was used to create Cherry Blossom Cookie. Just by looking at her, you will feel splendid and warm inside, with a tingle on both your cheeks. On a perfect day, you can see her humming, trying to fly into the air with her umbrella open. She is most adorable when she offers you delicious sandwiches and tea. But watch out, once she starts to chat, you will lose track of time!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Cherry Blossom Cookie's soul. It's(sic) radiates with the warmth of spring.

Character Inspiration

Cherry Blossom Cookie's character may be a reference to Mary Poppins due to her briefcase, manner of speaking, and abilities in parasol flight. Her fondness for picnics is likely inspired by the Japanese tradition of hanami (lit. "flower viewing"), where people gather to have picnics beneath cherry blossom trees while they are in bloom.
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