Chili Pepper Cookie

Chili Pepper CookieChili Pepper Cookie
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Chili Pepper Cookie
Cheap Shot

Cheap Shot


Sneaks behind the enemy, causing area damage to the rearmost line with 4 strikes. The final strike always deals critical damage.


• Damage dealt: 44.5% (+0.6% DMG per level)


Chili Pepper





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• Too narrow range of skills • Rarely used due to poor performance

Voice Actor

  • Fu Qihui (傅其慧)
  • Kimberly Brooks
  • Dorothée POUSSEO
  • Patri Praneetapolkrang (แพตรี ปราณีตพลกรัง)
  • Koatsu Mikako (小松未可子)
  • Yun Eun-seo (윤은서)
  • Leoni Kristin Oeffinger

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Game Info

Chili Pepper Cookie (Korean: 칠리맛 쿠키, chilli-mat kuki) is a major deuteragonist of Cookie Run: Kingdom and an Epic Cookie available since launch. She is of the Ambush type and her position is prioritized to the Middle. She is guaranteed to be obtained through a free, fixed-result Cookie Cutter at the beginning of the game. Chili Pepper Cookie is a major supporting character in the World Exploration Story, appearing as a constant World Exploration story party member. She also appears in Enemies for Life, in which she meets and is inevitably pursued by Rye Cookie.

Game Description

Chili Pepper Cookie's dough contained much more chili pepper than allowed by the law. This is probably why she doesn't care much about rules at all! Chili Pepper Cookie is a notorious treasure hunter. She never misses a chance to snatch everything valuable she can get her hands on, leaving only chaos and havoc behind. The Cookies know better than to cross her path, and so should you. Good news: you can easily identify this path by a trail of fiery red chili sauce...
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