Crunchy Chip Cookie

Crunchy Chip CookieCrunchy Chip Cookie
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Crunchy Chip Cookie
Wolf Squadron

Wolf Squadron


Crunchy Chip Cookie's regular attacks leave the Claw Mark on the enemy with the highest ATK. Upon using the skill, the Cookie charges towards the enemies, slamming them and summoning his Cream Wolf. When Crunchy Chip Cookie is defeated, the Cream Wolf becomes enraged and continues fighting alone. In this state, the Cream Wolf becomes resistant to incapacitating effects. If Crunchy Chip Cookie is revived, he will hop back onto the Cream Wolf. Crunchy Chip Cookie and his wolves are less affected by Knockbacks and Flying. While Crunchy Chip Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


• Tamer: receives 25.0% of Summoned Creature buffs • Single hit DMG: 88.6% (+1.2% DMG per level) + 185.0% of CRIT% • Summoned Wolf: 70.0% of ATK, 60.0% of DEF, 85.0% of HP, 100.0% of CRIT% • Tamed Wolf: 102.9% (+1.4% ATK per level) of ATK, 138.0% of DEF, 230.0% of HP, 100.0% of CRIT% • Claw Mark: 30.0 sec duration, activated upon 3 stacks • Claw Mark: removes buffs, ATK SPD -25.0% for 18.0 sec (stacks up to 2 times), 217.0% DMG







Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Yu Zhengchang (于正昌)
  • Justice Washington
  • Maxime HOAREAU
  • Hiyama Nobuyuki (檜山修之)
  • Kwon Changwook (권창욱)
  • Kevin Kasper
  • Kornvish Chanpiengsri (กรวิชญ์ จันทร์เปล่งศรี)

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Game Info

Crunchy Chip Cookie (Korean: 크런치초코칩 쿠키, keureonchi choko chib kuki, "Crunchy Choco Chip Cookie") is an Epic Cookie released in the second part of the The Council of Heroes update (v3.1). He is of the Charge type and his position is prioritized to the Front. Crunchy Chip Cookie is the captain of the Cream Wolves of the Dark Cacao Kingdom. He serves as Dark Cacao Cookie's bodyguard and associate during the events of Cookie Odyssey.

Game Description

One howl is all it takes to prep the Cream Wolves for battle, even in the middle of the night. Led by Crunchy Chip Cookie, this elite squad protects the frozen borders of the Dark Cacao Kingdom. The squad captain may be famous for his quick temper—which is not surprising given the sheer amount of the crunchiest choco chips in his dough—but rest assured: Crunchy Chip Cookie is loyal and reliable, just like his white-maned wolf companion. His oath to his king has kept him and his comrades persevering through piercing winds and snowstorms to ensure the kingdom's safety from the Licorice Sea. No other squadron stands a chance against these ferocious warriors that race through the mountains on the back of their wolves, defeating every monster they come across. Another serene morning in the Dark Cacao Kingdom; perhaps, we have to thank Captain Crunchy Chip Cookie for it!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Crunchy Chip Cookie's soul. It's rapidly pulsating like the heart of a feral Cream Wolf that can persevere even through the harshest of winters.


* According to his loading screen trivia, "Crunchy Chip Cookie swelled with pride when he heard how much faith Dark Cacao Cookie Dark Cacao Cookie had in the Cream Wolves.". Another loading screen states, "Two figures stand by the edge of a moonlit snowy cliff: a Cookie and a Cream Wolf. The cold will not bother the two, as nothing in the world burns hotter than their hearts." * Despite him not appearing in Episodes 13 and 14, Crunchy Chip Cookie has heard of Affogato Cookie Affogato Cookie's betrayal of the Dark Cacao Kingdom, even calling him a "backstabbing parasite" in Cookie Odyssey Chapter 3: Heroes of the Light. * According to the Villager Cookies in Cookie Odyssey Chapter 1: The Council of Heroes, Crunchy Chip Cookie's dough seems to contain raisins. * Crunchy Chip Cookie's gacha theme uses the Heroes of Dark Cacao update title screen music as a leitmotif. * Crunchy Chip Cookie's original name in Korean (크런치초코칩 쿠키, keuleonchi choko chib kuki) translates to Crunchy Choco Chip Cookie in English. * Crunchy Chip Cookie's internal name is "cookie0537". * Crunchy Chip Cookie's Korean voice actor, Kwon Changwook, also provides the voice of Custard Cookie. * Crunchy Chip Cookie's Taiwanese voice actor, Yu Zhengchang, also provides the voice of Mulled Juice Cookie. * Interestingly, he's married to Financier Cookie Financier Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Yang Kaikai. * He's also the younger brother of Vampire Cookie Vampire Cookie and Sparkling Cookie Sparkling Cookie's voice actor, Yu Zhengsheng.
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