Vanquisher of the Two Dragons
Dark Cacao Cookie

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Game Description

Dark Cacao Cookie, a great king and hero who climbed the snowy mountain on his own and united the powers of the two legendary dragons into one. Thick cream folded into the layers of the jet black robes looks just like the ice caps of the winter mountains, and a coat was added to recreate his coronation attire. Even in the fierce north wind, his mountain-like appearance shows the adamant resolution of this Cookie.


Dark Cacao Cookie's Vanquisher of the Two Dragons Costume's cloak shares a similar pattern to the painting found in Citadel of the Frozen Cliff. Animations for the costume feature cutscene animations for both The Final Battle and Citadel in the Frozen Cliff in the files despite being impossible to view in-game. These animations being "flop" and "cut_groggy".