Macaron Cookie


Mighty Macaron Parade

Mighty Macaron Parade


Following Macaron Cookie's exciting cheer, the Macaron Animals will start marching, dealing DMG to nearby enemies. Non-Cookie enemies will receive additional DMG. Her contagious enthusiasm will increase the ATK and CRIT% of her allies and restore their HP. Depending on the number of hits from the Macaron Animals. Macaron Cookie will gain a stack of the Happy Parade buff. Macaron Cookie will then restore the HP of her allies proportional to the number of stacks of Happy Parade once the parade is over.


• Periodic Area DMG: up to 20 hits over a span of 5.0 sec • Single Hit DMG (Cookies): 15.5% • Single Hit DMG (Others): 24.5% • After every 5 hits, a single enemy receives 5.0% less DMG (does not go below -20.0% of DMG) • CRIT%: +11.5% for 10 sec; stacks up to x2 • ATK: +11.5% for 10 sec; stacks up to x2 HealingHealing: 5.8% of ATK every 1 sec for 5 sec • Bonus HealingHealing: 5.0% + 0.4% of ATK per Happy Parade stack • Happy Parade: stacks with 3 hits dealt by the Macaron Animals; stacks up to x30







Release Date



• The guild's conquering archangel is showing excellent performance

Voice Actor

  • Paula Rhodes
  • Yeo Yoon-mi (여윤미)
  • Tanigake Mimori (谷掛未森)
  • Lin Muqing (林慕青)
  • Paweerada Anomkati (ปวีธิดา อโนมกิติ)
  • Souzan Alavi
  • Valérie BACHERE

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Soulstone Farming

Dark 16-24
Master 5-24

Game Info

Macaron Cookie is an Epic Cookie released in the second part of the Braver Together update (v3.9). She is of the MagicMagicclass.webp MagicMagic type and her position is prioritized to the Middlepos.webp Middle.

Game Description

Did you think this Cookie was made with artificial food colorings? Guess again! She is made with 100% all-natural ingredients. Even her long, gorgeous eyelashes are completely organic. Cookies are drawn to her friendly smile and gentle voice. In fact, cute little Macaron Animals love to gather around her too. Once she starts playing her macaron drum, the Macaron Animals start a tiny parade. At times, the parade can get out of hand, but Macaron Cookie still enjoys the company anyway. When she gets really excited, Macaron Cookie may demonstrate her most festive performance for you.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Macaron Cookie's soul. It is pulsating with an exciting rhythm! Ba-dum-tsss!


* Macaron Cookie's internal name is "cookie0059". * According to Macaron Cookie's loading screen trivia, "Even Macaron Cookie herself cannot say where the Macaron Animal came from: one day they were there, following her energetic beat!" * Macaron Cookie was erroneously revealed shortly before her release: * Her addition to Cookie Run: Kingdom was accidentally revealed prematurely by the French Cookie Run: Kingdom Twitter account, being shown about a day early and quickly being deleted before being reposted the next day. * A day before her release date, she was added into the game on accident, with her Soulstone and character card both being white placeholder squares. She was also able to be drawn from the gacha and put into Cookie teams, although attempting to use her in battle would result in the game crashing. Only her story was completed at the time, as it was an exact copy of her OvenBreak one. * A drum sound effect can be played during Macaron’s touch animation. * Macaron Cookie's gacha theme is a remix of her Trial theme from Cookie Run: OvenBreak.
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