Matcha Cookie


Sinister Scheme

Sinister Scheme


Matcha Cookie summons Tea Seeds at the enemies' location and causes an explosion. The Tea Seeds poison enemies, amplify debuff effects, and increase the duration of Poison-type Periodic DMG inflicted by the team. At times, Matcha Malice may manifest from a Tea Seed, shackling a random enemy, dealing damage, Cursing them and applying HealingHealing and Amplify DMG debuffs. Matcha Malice is even applied to Cookies who are resistant to interrupting effects. At the end of the skill's duration, Matcha Malice will deal explosion DMG and apply Silence. The chance of Matcha Malice's appearance will increase with more debuffs applied to Matcha Cookie. While Matcha Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


• Tea Seed Poisoning: Poison Element45.4% DMG every 1 sec for 10 sec • Amplified Debuffs: +10% for 10.0 sec; stacks up to x3 • Poison-type Periodic DMG Duration: +40.0% for 15.0 sec; stacks up to x1 • Matcha Malice chance: 10.0% +2.0% for every debuff; chance capped at 100.0% • Matchq Malice: Poison DMG Poison ElementPoison Elementx% every 0.1 sec and Shackles for 5.0 sec • Matcha Malice Debuff: Amplify DMG +22.0% & Curse for 5.0 sec • Matcha Malice Explosion: 523.4% DMG • Silence: 10 sec







Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Triya Leong
  • Cha Yeong-hui (차영희)
  • Matsuda Satsumi (松田 颯水)
  • Lin Xiaoling (林筱玲)
  • Thitikamol Modhuang (ฐิติกมล หมดห่วง)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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Soulstone Farming

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Poison ElementPoison Element

Game Info

Matcha Cookie (Korean: 말차맛 쿠키, malcha-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the Cookie Laboratorium update (v5.2) alongside Elder Faerie Cookie. She is of the MagicMagic type and her position is prioritized to the Middle Middle. Matcha Cookie is a failed creation of Dark Enchantress Cookie Dark Enchantress Cookie, missing a key ingredient in her dough yet coming to life regardless. She lurks in the dank depths of the Laboratorium, manically snickering and muttering her own vengeful plots to herself.

Game Description

Tea plants that grow in the dark have no other option but to feed on the energy of darkness. Leaves from such a plant were supposed to grant incredible dark powers to Matcha Cookie, but whoever made her seems to have forgotten an essential ingredient, and it greatly affected her personality. Now she spends most of her time in darkness, thinking of sinister plans and giggling. Little is known about Matcha Cookie, but the greatest mystery is what exactly the missing ingredient was...

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Matcha Cookie's soul. Hold it close to your ear, and you will hear a strange murmur coming from its heart together with the bitter aroma of tea.
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