Poison Mushroom Cookie

Poison Mushroom CookiePoison Mushroom Cookie
dialogue bubbleOooh... New friend... Want a shroomy?
Poison Mushroom Cookie
Poison Cloud

Poison Cloud


Plants mushrooms that release purple poison clouds around themselves. Poisoned enemies become disoriented and suffer from a debuff reducing Healing, but Poison Mushroom Cookie claims that was never the intention... Poison clouds deal extra Poison DMG to monsters and bosses.


• Single hit DMG: 127.8% • Poison DMG: 25.0% DMG (+0.31% DMG per level) every 1.0 sec over 10.0 sec • Extra DMG to regular enemies: +80.0% • Extra DMG to bosses: +120.0% • Healing received: -15.0% for 10.0 sec


Poison Mushroom





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• Almost the only dot deal dealer • Continuous deals can make a significant deal in a guild conquest match • Addiction damage is not affected by attack reflection, so it is used for guild subjugation with attack reflection. • Low attack power compared to other cookies

Voice Actor

  • Feng Jiade (馮嘉德)
  • Thansini Thongprasat (ธัญสินี ทองประสาท)
  • Janek Schächter
  • Misawa Sachika (三澤紗千香)
  • François CRETON
  • Kim Yul (김율)
  • A.J. Beckles

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Game Info

Poison Mushroom Cookie (Korean: 독버섯맛 쿠키, dokbeoseot-mat kuki) is an antagonist of Cookie Run: Kingdom and an Epic Cookie available since launch. They are of the Bomber Bomber type and their position is prioritized to the Middle Middle. They play a minor antagonist role in World Exploration as well as a supporting role in the Dark Mode storyline. Poison Mushroom Cookie is the rapper of B.A.D 4, in which they go under the moniker MUSHY P.

Game Description

Some mushrooms are good for you, and some are not. Take the Purple Cap Mushroom, for example. Looks so chunky and yummy! That is why that hungry Cookie ate it. Why yes, that was Poison Mushroom Cookie. Always peaceful, always daydreaming. Poison Mushroom Cookie would be mistaken for an actual mushroom in the past, but they were never angry, never at all! Poison Mushroom Cookie greeted and hugged these mistaken Cookies like dear old friends, that's right! They offered every one of them a mushroom of their own— so sweet, so colorful. Just one bite, just one... After all, such big friendly eyes mean no harm. No harm at all...

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Poison Mushroom Cookie's soul. It's not quite clear whether it's edible or not.
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