Prophet Cookie


Seven Prophecies

Seven Prophecies


Prophet Cookie delievers one out of seven prophecies. Upon invoking a prophecy, Prophet Cookie will heal an ally and amplify buffs they receive. Additionally, an extra skill effect will be activated depending on the symbol of hte prophecy, dealing damage to the enemies and amplifying debuffs they receive. The debuffs applied by the prophecies are weaker than those of the original skills. Some prophecies do not have any additional effects. While Prophet Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. Wandering around the Kingdom, Prophet Cookie will come up with Fortune Cookies every three days. Tap the Fortune Cookie to obtain a gift. The higher Prophet Cookie's rank, the better gift!


• DMG of Seven Prophecies: total DMG will range from 103.6% to 250.5% • Amplified Debuffs: +5.0% for 20 sec; stacks up to x1 HealingHealing: heals 10.0% of ATK every 1 sec for 5 sec • Amplified Buffs: +17.5% for 20 sec; stack up to x1 • Locked Prophecy: activated upon exceeding 10.0% in CRIT% with Toppings







Release Date



• Have a fraudulent debuff that slows down your skills • Increase the benefit of increasing the performance of fraud • Use ice, the strongest debuff • The longer you play, the more decisive you can hit.

Voice Actor

  • Gideon Emery
  • Han Man-joong (한만중)
  • Yū Mizushima (水島裕)
  • Xie Ning (謝寧)
  • Thawat Rattachai (ธวัช รัตตะชัย)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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Soulstone Farming

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Game Info

Prophet Cookie (Korean: 예언자맛 쿠키) is an Epic Cookie released in the first part of the New Year, New Adventures Update (v3.12). He is of the SupportSupport SupportSupport type and his position is prioritized to the Rear.

Game Description

This wizened Cookie is often called "Fortune Cookie" for his ability to know what's coming before it happens. His Scroll of Prophecy tells him how he should run, giving him the confidence to jump and slide his way to victory, even if it isn't always right. Some say the source of his foresight is his mysterious purple Crystal Ball, but in reality it is his majestic beard!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Prophet Cookie's soul. Although you feel compelled to follow the guidance of the stone's mystical glow... is it really a good idea to believe it?!


Prophet Cookie has been featured in early concept promotional works for Cookie Run: Kingdom such as The Art of Cookie Run: Kingdom appearances and an official asset on the pre-registration website alongside an unused building. Prophet Cookie's internal name is "cookie0032. Prophet Cookie and his update are occasionally referred to as "hug" in the game's files. According to his loading screen trivia, "Not a lot of Cookies believe in Prophet Cookie's prophecies, but that doesn't bother him one bit! Because everyone will be in absolute awe when they come true!" According to a loading screen during the New Year, New Adventures update, "Prophet Cookie has a theory that the reason why everyone wants to know their new year's fortune is because they want to hear good news."
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