Purple Yam Cookie

Purple Yam CookiePurple Yam Cookie
dialogue bubbleFiery WRATH!
Purple Yam Cookie
Purple Tornado

Purple Tornado


Ravages the battlefield in a deadly Purple Tornado, causing substantial periodic area damage. While Purple Yam Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


• Single hit DMG: 54.0% (+0.6~0.7% DMG per level)
Berserker's Fury

Berserker's Fury


Ravages the battlefield in a deadly Purple Tornado, causing substantial periodic area damage. With the Magic Candy upgrade, his skill Cooldown is reduced. Starting from the beginning of the battle, receives the Berserker's Fury buff every 15 seconds. The Berserker's Fury stacks up to 4 stacks, and after the fourth stack, the Berserker's Spirit buff is activated. Upon stacking Berserker's Fury, Purple Yam Cookie will grow heavier and become less affected by Knockback or Flying.







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• Performance optimized for PVE (World Exploration, Guardian's Temple) over Arena • Has a strong, fast skill tempo • The more skills overlap, the more powerful they become • When the magic candy reached the top 30, the strongest tanker.

Voice Actor

  • Sean Chiplock
  • François CRETON
  • Min Seung-woo (민승우)
  • Kittithon Phankhokkruat (กิตติธร พันธ์โคกกรวด)
  • Meng Qingfu (孟慶府)
  • Yannik Raiss
  • Takeuchi Shunsuke (武内駿輔)

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Game Info

Purple Yam Cookie (Korean: 자색고구마맛 쿠키, jasekgoguma-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie available since launch. He is of the Charge type and his position is prioritized to the Front. He is the adventuring partner of Milk Cookie and makes an appearance in the end of the Flame of Unity and An Oath Lit by Beacons Stories alongside him.

Game Description

Purple Yam Cookie was baked in extreme temperatures again and again until the heat finally got to his head. Ever since, Purple Yam Cookie has been in an angered state (to say the least!) that's why we advise being extremely cautious around him. When the wrath kicks in, this Cookie begins to crush and smash the surroundings in a dangerous tornado of rage. And as if that wasn't enough, Purple Yam Cookie is always eager to fight someone! The Cookie claims that no one has suffered in the "flames of hell" more than him, but... it seem like no one has had a chance to tell him that other Cookies went through the Witch's oven too...
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