Rockstar Cookie


Legend of Rock

Legend of Rock


Rockstar Cookie performs a rock anthem, periodically HealingHealing the team's HP and applies the Legendary Rock Spirit buff, Curse Protection buff, and a CRIT% buff for the whole team excluding himself based on his CRIT% boost from equipped Toppings. Under Legendary Rock Spirit, the target will have their HP restored whenever they deal a critical hit. If Rockstar Cookie is defeated, he will have all active debuffs on himself removed and begin his Encore. During Encore, Rockstar Cookie will provide extra HealingHealing and increase the HealingHealing the team receives. While Rockstar Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


HealingHealing: 32.0% every 1 sec for 7 sec • Rock Spirit Legendary Rock Spirit: heals HP equal to 11.0% of Rockstar Cookie's ATK for every 5 CRIT hits; active for 13.0 sec • Protection Curse Protection: removes itself upon acquiring a Curse debuff; active for 13.0 sec • CRIT%: +7.0% per every 1.0% of Rockstar Cookie's CRIT% increased with Toppings for 13.0 sec; capped at +35.0% • Received HealingHealing (Encore): +35.0% for 10.0 sec • Bonus HealingHealing (Encore): 30.9% every 0.1 sec for 1.8 sec







Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Michael Schwalbe
  • Lee Joo-seung (이주승)
  • Suzuki Yūto (鈴木裕斗)
  • Yinxiang (音箱)
  • Thanakorn Na Bangchang (ธนากร ณ บางช้าง)
  • Ivo Möller
  • Simon HERLIN

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Soulstone Farming

Dark 17-30

Game Info

Rockstar Cookie (Korean: 락스타맛 쿠키, ragsuta-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the Summer Soda Rock Festa update (v4.7) alongside Shining Glitter Cookie. He is of the HealingHealing type and his position is prioritized to the Middle. He first appeared as an NPC in the second part of the Soda Island Outlaws update (v1.9) in Parfait Cookie's Story.

Game Description

Whaaaaam! Wacka wow! Inside the sizzling oven, Rockstar Cookie discovered the sound of rock 'n' roll. He realized that to move the audience, one must not only be talented but also feel the true Rock Spirit within! Many legendary hits were created with that philosophy in mind. Every Cookie who has seen Rockstar Cookie perform was changed forever. The blazing sound! The overwhelming charisma! The legend might have taken a path different from his earlier days filled with experimentation, but his Rock Spirit still resonates with everyone!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Rockstar Cookie's soul. When you hold it in your hands, you can almost hear roaring guitars within your soul.
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