Rye Cookie

Rye CookieRye Cookie
Rye Cookie
Final Showdown
Final Showdown
Shoot first if you don't wanna be shot! The Cookie aims both pistols at the enemy with the lowest max HP (targets Cookies first) and shoots a round, dealing a great amount of damage several times. The Cookie's focus is so high, the Cookie will become resistant to interrupting effects. The Cookie's ATK SPD is increased greatly for the whole Showdown duration.
* Twin Pistol Shots: 10 shots total * Single hit DMG: 72.0% (+0.8-0.9% DMG per level) * +50.0% ATK SPD for 7.0 sec
Best Shot in the Kingdom
Best Shot in the Kingdom
Shoot first if you don't wanna be shot! The Cookie aims both pistols at the enemy with the lowest Max HP (targets Cookies first) and shoots a round, dealing a great amount of damage several times. The Cookie's focus is so high, the Cookie will become resistant to interrupting effects. The Cookie's ATK SPD is increased greatly for a given period of time. Enemies hit by regular attacks and skill attacks will be burned.
* Twin Pistol Shots: +2 bonus shots, 12 shots total * Bonus Skill DMG: 10.0% (+0.6-0.7% DMG per level) * Regular attacks cause Burn with 50.0% chance * Regular Attack Burn DMG: 47.4% (+1-1.1% per level) per 1.0 sec for 8.0 sec * Skill Attack Burn DMG: 61.6% (+1.4-1.5% per level) per 1.0 sec for 16.0 sec
Ruthless FlameEpicRuthless Flame
AliasesRyeRelease Date01/21/2021TierC
Evaluation* Unique destructive power with almonds * Cookies used evenly for adventure boss and guild battle * It's used to cut major enemy dealers or healerVoice Actor
  • Kim Na-yul (김나율)
  • Koshimizu Ami (小清水亜美)
  • Amber Lee Connors
  • Qian Xinyu (錢欣郁)
  • Kwankamol Boonjab (ขวัญกมล บุญจับ)
  • Tanja Dohse
  • Florine ORPHELIN
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Game Info
Rye CookieRye CookieRye Cookie (Korean: Rye CookieRye CookieRye Cookie, hoemil-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie available since launch. She is of the Ranged type and her position is prioritized to the Rear. Rye CookieRye CookieRye Cookie is a real rough-rolling rascal of a gunslinger who earns her Coins through freelance bounty hunting. She considers her own wiles to be the law over any set government rules and isn't afraid to bend (or snap) common morals and boundaries to reach her end goals. She plays a leading role in Enemies for Life in which she befriends Chili Pepper CookieChili Pepper CookieChili Pepper Cookie only to turn on her the moment she learns Chili Pepper CookieChili Pepper CookieChili Pepper Cookie is the wheat thief she has been chasing.
Game Description
On the sunset of a hard day's work, the saloon door bangs open. "As usual, boss!" she yells. Yup, it's Rye CookieRye CookieRye Cookie again, so better get her order straight. She's a bounty hunter in these here parts, sporting a shiny badge and all that. The Wild Gun, they call'er. Maybe she's here on a job, or maybe she's just moseying through town. Last time, there been rumors of a brazen heist: someone wiped the wheat silo clean as a whistle, not a single grain left. Wonder who coulda down that? Anyway, better to be careful 'round that one. It's safer to be nice and quiet 'round her, lest ya wanna feel the full barrel from her wholegrain-caliber.
Ancient Cookie
Legendary Cookie
Super Epic Cookie
Special Cookie
Epic Cookie
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Rare Cookie
Common Cookie
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