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When Tarte Tatin Cookie fires her cannon, she reduces her own Cooldown and Shackles her enemies after a certain number of hits. Upon using her skill, she will fire a cannonball straight towards the center Cookie in the enemy team. Hit enemies suffer from Burn and Bosses receive extra damage. After a certain number of skill uses, Tarte Tatin Cookie will fire an enhanced cannonball. During the battle, when Tarte Tatin Cookie successfully defeats an enemy or a boss, her ATK will increase. While Tarte Tatin Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


• Cooldown: -1.5 sec with each Regular Attack hit • Shackles: 3.0 sec after x3 Regular Attack hits • Cannonball Explosion DMG: Fire Element510.6% of ATK (Cookies) Fire Element785.5% of ATK (Others) • Extra DMG to Bosses: Fire Element785.5% of ATK • Enhanced Cannonball DMG: Total Cannonball Explosion DMG x1.5 • Burn DMG: Fire Element17.7% every 0.5 sec for 8.0 sec • ATK Upon Defeating an Enemy: +10.0% for 15.0 sec; stacks up to x10







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• Difficult to use in non-attribute synergy combinations • Cookies designed to catch the boss

Voice Actor

  • Kat Cressida
  • Lee So-yeong (이소영)
  • Sakura Yuki (佐倉ゆき)
  • Guo Xinya (郭馨雅)
  • Isaree Pongkaew (อิสรีย์ พงษ์แก้ว)
  • Jennifer Böttcher
  • Sophie RIFFONT

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Soulstone Farming

Dark 17-27


Fire ElementFire Element

Game Info

Tarte Tatin Cookie (Korean: 타르트타탕맛쿠키, talututatang-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie who first appeared as an NPC in Legend of the Red Dragon, released alongside Snapdragon Cookie in the second part of The Legend of the Red Dragon update (v4.6). She is of the RangedRanged type and is prioritized in the Rear. Tarte Tatin Cookie is a seasoned dragon hunter of Dragon City and an old friend of Hollyberry Cookie.

Game Description

Whether it's the past or the future of dragon hunting, you can be sure that Tarte Tatin Cookie is part of it! Years and years of carrying around her customized cannon on dragon hunts far and wide has helped build Tarte Tatin Cookie's reputation as an extremely skilled and experienced dragon hunter. The way she confronts the dragons, massive threats to all Cookiekind, without even a trace of fear is reminiscent of the Ancient Heroes. It inspires the Cookies around her and sets their battle spirit aflame! Tarte Tatin Cookie may seem hard to approach because of her aloof personality and serious attitude. But unlike her cold exterior, she has a warm side to her that means she never forgets a friend. After all, the best hunters are those who have a lot to protect. You're sure to find Tarte Tatin Cookie fighting another enormous beast somewhere again today, firing her cannon without hesitation. BOOM!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Tarte Tatin Cookie's soul. It lies still and serene, but hold something heavy in your hand, and you will fill the battle fervor resonating from its core.
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