Vampire Cookie

Vampire CookieVampire Cookie
dialogue bubbleWhy so serious? Let me pour you some juice.
Vampire Cookie



Turns into a bat and attacks the rearmost enemy, drinking their blood and restoring some HP depending on the amount of damage caused. Restores some HP with each regular attack.


• Vampirism: 15.0% of DMG • Single hit DMG: 542.5% (+7.6-7.7% DMG per level)
Fatal Bite

Fatal Bite


Turns into a bat and attacks the rearmost enemy, drinking their blood and restoring some HP depending on the amount of damage caused. Enemies hit by the skill suffer from the Vampiric Bite debuff. When the debuffed enemy is hit by a skill attack, the attack will always result in a critical hit. Vampire Cookie's regular attack hits the three nearest enemies and restores his HP.


• Extra DMG to single hit: 44.5% • Vampiric Bite DMG: • Cookies: 55.4% DMG (+0.5-0.6% per level) every 0.5 sec for 20.0 sec • Others: 32.9% DMG (+0.3-0.4% per level) every 0.5 sec for 20.0 sec • Bleeding Extra DMG: • Cookies: 83.3% (+4-4.1% per level) per stack, up to 200.0% extra DMG • Others: 20.8% (+1-1.1% per level) per stack, up to 50.0% extra DMG







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• Backline killer. • Unrivaled single deal • Essential cookies before the conquest. • Best Dealer Since Magic Candy Update

Voice Actor

  • Sirichai Charoenkitthanakul (ศิริชัย เจริญกิจธนกุล)
  • Jeong Jae-heon (정재헌)
  • Masuda Toshiki (増田俊樹)
  • Alexander Merbeth
  • Jason Kaye
  • Yu Zhengsheng (于正昇)

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Game Info

Vampire Cookie (Korean: 뱀파이어맛 쿠키, baempaieo-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie available since launch. He is of the Ambush type and his position is prioritized to the Rear. Vampire Cookie is Alchemist Cookie's brother.

Game Description

The Witch, busy baking several Cookies at once, had forgotten to use her favorite high-quality grapes. Instead, she stored them in oak barrels and let age for a long, long time. And with that special grape juice, she made Vampire Cookie. Naturally, it was difficult for Vampire Cookie to wake up at first—after all, his dough contained more than 10% of strong grape juice! Unlike the other Cookies, Vampire Cookie prefers to do nothing but enjoy life. He wasn't even bothered by the heat of the oven and only escaped because his sister Alchemist Cookie dragged him outside. With his pale face and smug posture, he likes to relax with a glass of grape juice and ponder the meaning of life.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Vampire Cookie's soul. It has a rather relaxed aura.


* His exclusive loading screen reads "Always watch your step: Vampire Cookie might be taking a nap on the ground!" * Rather than consuming blood for sustenance like a traditional vampire may, Vampire Cookie needs to consume grape juice to survive. Based on his Skill's description, however, it seems he still can drink blood and benefit from such. * Vampire Cookie originally was intended to enjoy drinking wine, but, likely due to general-audience content restrictions, it was changed to grape juice. * Despite this name change, many of Vampire Cookie's lines still imply that he often may be under the influence of alcohol. * The name of Sparkling Cookie's Skill, Sparkling Cocktail, also involves an alcohol beverage but has not been censored whatsoever. * In previous Cookie Run installments, Vampire Cookie was of the S-Grade, which was the equivalent of the modern day Epic rarity. However, he was downgraded to the Rare rarity in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, and shifted back to the Epic rarity in Cookie Run: Kingdom. * He is the first and only Cookie to have his Rarity raised rather than lowered. * As part of the Ch. III: Heroes of the Light update (v3.3), Vampire Cookie's gacha animation was updated to be unique alongside that of Purple Yam Cookie. * His gacha background is likely based off of The Banquet Hall stage from Cookie Run: OvenBreak. * Vampire Cookie was designed by Seo Yeokyeong.[1] * Vampire Cookie's internal name is "cookie0035". * Vampire Cookie's Taiwanese voice actor, Yu Zhengsheng, also provides the voice of Sparkling Cookie. * Interestingly, he's the older brother of Crunchy Chip Cookie's Taiwanese voice actor, Yu Zhengchang. * Vampire Cookie's German voice actor, Alexander Merbeth, also provides the voices of Devil Cookie and Wind Archer Cookie.
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