DescriptionMysterious blue Crystals. It feels like they open many possibilities.
Evaluation• Crystals are the premium currency of Cookie Run: Kingdom. They can be bought through microtransactions in various quantities, as well as being a part of most Shop packages. Crystals are also obtained from clearing World Exploration Stages for the first time, collecting rewards from the Fountain of Abundance, and unlocking daily rewards at the Tree of Wishes. Most game modes and reward tracks will grant a limited number of Crystals (including daily gifts from friends), and the best way to get Crystals without indulging in microtransactions is through clearing World Exploration Stages, completing Events, and engaging in competitive modes. • Crystals are the only true currency that can be used to draw Cookies from the standard Cookie Gacha. • Crystals are gained sparsely, and can be used in generally every part of the game for conveniences, such skipping waiting times and buying missing Goods. These shortcuts can be tempting, though it is better to be careful with how and where Crystals are spent. Saving up to draw Cookies, construct Landmarks, and buy extra building production slots will typically improve a player's late-game experience.
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