Black Lemonade Cookie

Black Lemonade Cookie


Electrifying Rock!

Electrifying Rock!


Black Lemonade Cookie plays her electric guitar, dealing damage to the enemy with the highest HP (targets Cookies first), inflicting Zap, and applying debuffs that increase CRIT DMG the enemy receives and decrease their DEF. She then deals damage to the nearby enemies and inflicts a debuff reducing their ATK. Black Lemonade Cookie grants the Electrifying Rock Spirit buff to the team and strengthens her next regular attacks to target the enemy with the highest HP and enemies near them. When Ally Cookies with the Electrifying Rock Spirit buff deal Zap damage or a critical hit, their Electrifying Rock! charge increases. Once the Electrifying Rock! is fully charged, they deal additional damage to enemies. While Black Lemonade Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


• DMG to Target with the Highest HP: 156.6% of ATK + 25.7% of Max HP (Cookies) • Zap: 15.0% DMG every 0.5 sec for 10 sec; removes HP ShieldHP Shields • DEF: -25.0% for 10 sec • CRIT DMG: +22.5% for 10 sec • DMG to Nearby Targets: 156.6% of ATK • ATK: -13.5% for 10 sec • Stronger Regular Attacks: 162.9% of ATK + 48.0% of Max HP (Cookies) • Chain Attack to Nearby Targets: 100.0% of ATK; chains up to x5 times • Rock Spirit Electrifying Rock Spirit: 15 sec • Rock! Electrifying Rock! Extra DMG: +61.9% of Black Lemonade Cookie's ATK for each x2 CRIT hits or Zap ticks dealt by allies under Electrifying Rock Spirit


Black Lemonade





Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Jenny Yokobori
  • Kim Do-yeong (김도영)
  • Sanada Asami (真田アサミ)
  • Xu Yunyun (許雲雲)
  • Pimpida Pitaksonggram (พิมพิดา พิทักษ์สงคราม)
  • Esther Schiffer
  • Maïa MICHAUD

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Game Info

Black Lemonade Cookie (Korean: 블랙레모네이드맛 쿠키, bullaek-lemoneidu-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the second part of the Summer Soda Rock Festa update (v4.8). She is of the Bomber type and her position in prioritized to the Middle. She first appeared an as NPC in the Summer Soda Rock Festa Special Episode. She is the leader of the band SparkL and attends the Summer Soda Rock Festa as a headlining performer. Black Lemonade Cookie was a childhood friend of Shining Glitter Cookie, being in a band with her and Bassist Cookie as a younger Cookie. She and SparkL star in "Transfigure", an ode to her journey in becoming the Cookie she is today.

Game Description

If you happen to pass by a dark basement and hear electrifying guitar sounds along with a fresh citrus scent, you might've just stumbled onto Black Lemonade Cookie's studio! She may look distant and aloof at times, but once she gets on stage, she's a whole new Cookie! With her signature two-tone lemon icing and energizing sound, every Cookie is bound to shake to the rhythm of her music. Some Cookies find Black Lemonade Cookie's music hard to follow, but everyone agrees that all of her songs are a labor of love and passion. and that's what matters to Black Lemonade Cookie, after all. No mater how dark and and small the stage, she'll always continue to sing and give her everything for her dedicated fans!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Black Lemonade Cookie's soul. It keeps playing a song, as if it's demonstrating her passion for music.
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