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Clotted Cream Cookie


Consul's Orders

Consul's Orders


The Cloak of Light, a marvel of the Republic's cutting-edge technology, provides unquestionable advantages in battle. Upon using his skill, Clotted Cream Cookie projects the Light Cage onto the nearest enemy (targets Cookies first), blocking buffs and dealing area damage. The Light Cage cannot be dispelled and can be projected onto Cookies resistant to interrupting effects and prevents them from receiving removable buffs. The Light Cage will also inflict extra damage relative to the target's HP at the end of its duration. While Clotted Cream Cookie is using his skill, he will become resistant to interrupting effects. (DMG relative to Max HP is capped at 300,000)


• Periodic Area DMG: 22 ticks for 1.4 sec, Total DMG Light Element581.1% • Light Cage DMG: Light Element189.0% • Light Cage duration: 4.8 sec • Light Cage Extra DMG: • Cookies: 89.9% DMG relative to Max HP + 20.0% fixed DMG relative to Max HP, Stun for 1.3 sec • Others: 1.3% DMG relative to Max HP + 269.9% DMG, Stun for 1.3 sec DMG ResistDMG Resist: +17.5% for 8.0 sec







Release Date



• {{쿠키|마들렌}}, {{쿠키|라일락}} Used as a counter for attack speed decks that contain • Snip a single cookie, bind it. • After the upward patch, it is used in various ways. • For stages that require multi-stage hits.

Voice Actor

  • Aaron Dismuke
  • Kim Ji-yul (김지율)
  • Ishida Akira (石田彰)
  • Song Yutsung (宋昱璁)
  • Komsan Ratanakornbodee (คมสรร รัตนากรบดี)
  • Flemming Stein
  • Anthony CARTER

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Soulstone Farming

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Light ElementLight Element

Game Info

Clotted Cream Cookie (Korean: 클로티드 크림 쿠키, keullotideu kurim kuki) is a Super Epic Cookie released alongside Wildberry Cookie Wildberry Cookie in the first part of The Council of Heroes update (v3.0). He is of the MagicMagic MagicMagic type and his position is prioritized to the Middle Middle. Clotted Cream Cookie is the youngest member of the Convocation of Elders and the Consul of the Crème Republic. He plays a leading role in Cookie Odyssey.

Game Description

Impeccable posture, perfect necktie knot, and a charming smile! Add a generous amount of filling: a mixture of cream, ambition, and respectability, and you will get the Republic's youngest Consul ever. Clotted Cream Cookie's first achievement in office was the consolidation of the Republic's fractured society. Even the Elders, whose authority in the city-state is unquestionable, recognize the Consul's brilliance and eloquence. Indeed, Clotted Cream Cookie's approval rating and influence are growing by the day! But beware: each of his sweet smiles is thoroughly calculated. This Cookie is always on the winning side.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Clotted Cream Cookie's soul. The rich and buttery cream exudes a relaxed and confident demeanor.


* Clotted Cream Cookie was the first Super Epic Cookie to be added into the game. * Clotted Cream Cookie is the biological son of Light Cream Cookie and the adoptive son of Custard Cookie. He currently belongs to House Custard. * Clotted Cream Cookie's original House was House Scone. This is referenced in his interaction with his Cookie Decor, Waterfall of Contemplation, where Clotted Cream Cookie eats a scone, and to the fact that scones are sometimes dipped in clotted cream in real life. * According to Strawberry Crepe Cookie's analysis in Ch. 1, Day 2 of Cookie Odyssey, Clotted Cream Cookie is composed of "25% grace, 23% eloquence, 20% brilliance, 20% ambition, 10% condensed cream, and... 2% connivingness." They note that he does not contain any custard in his dough, alluding to the fact that his place in House Custard was acquired through adoption. * According to Clotted Cream Cookie's exclusive loading screen trivia, "It took Clotted Cream Cookie many hours of practice before he was able to speak in front of an audience with a perfect smile." * Clotted Cream Cookie's internal name is "cookie0536." * Clotted Cream Cookie is also occasionally referred to as "waffle" in the game's files.
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