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Crème Brûlée Cookie's passionate, captivating performance deals Light-type damage to enemies and enhances his regular attacks with the Accelerando buff. Crème Brûlée Cookie's regular attacks target the enemy with the highest ATK and, when enhanced, apply the Mysterious Melody buff to nearby Cookies. The pianist will also create Crème Brûlée Pieces depending on the number of Accelerando stacks. Crème Brûlée Pieces will deal damage to enemies in the order of highest ATK, deal additional damage to targets vulnerable to elemental damage, and partially ignore enemies' DMG ResistDMG Resist at maximum Accelerando stacks. Crème Brûlée Cookie will lose x2 Accelerando stacks if the skill effect ends with the maximum number of stacks. While Crème Brûlée Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


Accelerando DMG: Light ElementLight Element356.1% of ATK Enhanced Regular Attacks: Light ElementLight Element352.0% of ATK Status Accelerando Accelerando Buff: +17.5% ATK SPD, creates Crème Brûlée Pieces per stack; stacks up to x3 Crème Brûlée Pieces: x4 at Accelerando x1, x4 at Accelerando x2, x6 at Accelerando x3 Crème Brûlée Piece DMG: Light ElementLight Element50.1% of ATK + 15.0% of additional DMG to targets vulnerable to Elemental DMG; ignores 30.0% of target’s DMG ResistDMG Resist at Max Accelerando stacks Status Mysterious Melody Mysterious Melody: +20.0% ATK SPD, +35.0% ATK SPD Debuff ResistDebuff Resist for 8 sec Mysterious Melody Additional DMG: 115.0% of Crème Brûlée Cookie’s ATK SPD boost rate, scaling with his ATK


Crème Brûlée





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Voice Actor

  • Alex Bankier
  • Kim Jin-hong (김진홍)
  • Murakami Satoru (村上聡)
  • Wu Kaidi (吳愷笛)
  • Taychin Sribenjachod (เตชินห์ ศรีเบญจโชติ)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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Soulstone Farming

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Light ElementLight ElementLight Element

Game Info

Crème Brûlée Cookie (Korean: 크렘브륄레맛 쿠키, kulim bulwille-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released alongside Linzer Cookie in the The Holiday Express update (v4.15). He is of the RangedRanged RangedRanged type and his position is prioritized to the Rear Rear.

Game Description

Get ready to welcome the star of the night, Crème Brûlée Cookie, famous for his unique reinterpretations of timeless pieces and masterful technique. Having crossed the firmament of academic music like a bright comet, this talented pianist is known for getting extremely sensitive before a performance and leaving the stage as soon as the final note fades away. Such traits have brought forth rumors of Crème Brûlée Cookie's arrogant nature, and yet he doesn't seem to pay them any thought. For all he cares for is music! A notorious perfectionist, Crème Brûlée Cookie keeps practicing feverishly until his inner critic is satisfied. Tonight, the excited audience showers the maestro with generous applause as he appears on stage and sits in front of the grand piano. He lays his hands on the keyboard, and, after a brief moment of tense, sincere silence... all worldly notions surrounding Crème Brûlée Cookie vanish, and the mesmerizing sounds of his music resonate through the hall and beyond, touching the very souls of the listeners.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Crème Brûlée Cookie's soul. Its surface is perfectly cold to the touch, and yet it looks like it is yearning deep within.
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