Custard Cookie III


King's Favor

King's Favor


Heals two Cookies with the lowest HP and also casts a short-living HP ShieldHP Shield. 'Cause that's what kings do!


HealingHealing: 113.0% of ATK (+2.15% per level) HP ShieldHP Shield: absorbs 10.0% of max HP for 3.0 sec





Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Jaimie Kelton
  • Lee Jam-yeong (이자명)
  • Kuno Misaki (久野美咲)
  • Zhan Yajing (詹雅菁)
  • Nararin Rattanapranee (นาราริน รัตนปราณี)
  • Gian Luca Calafate
  • Karl-Line HELLER

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Soulstone Farming

Dark 2-10, 6-9, 14-3

Game Info

Custard Cookie III (Korean: 커스터드 3세맛 쿠키, keosuteodu sam-se-mat kuki) is a major deuteragonist of Cookie Run: Kingdom and a Rare Cookie available since launch. He is of the HealingHealing HealingHealing type and his position is prioritized to the Rear Rear. He is a SupportSupporting character in the World ExplorationWorld Exploration storyline, appearing as a regular World ExplorationWorld Exploration Story party member. He is obtained for free at the start of Land of Little Big Dreams. Custard Cookie III notably appears in his own Cookie Story, I Want to Be King!.

Game Description

Even before the custard on his head started to take shape, this little Cookie dreamed of becoming a glorious king, worthy of the title borne by the greatest rulers of the past. Custard Cookie III, as he prefers to call himself, may not rule anything yet, but looking at how active he is at waving his scepter and giving orders, it is only a matter of time before he sits on a real throne. And his determination is remarkable! Made of simple colored paper, his royal regalia looked so realistic that even the notorious Chili Pepper Cookie Chili Pepper Cookie got confused once! These days, Custard Cookie III is busy recruiting SupportSupporters to witness his future crowning. Perhaps you could become one of them?

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Custard Cookie III's soul. One can almost see the dreams of the future kingdom floating inside.


Custard Cookie is Custard Cookie III's great-uncle, and Premier Custard Cream Cookie is his grandfather. This makes Custard Cookie III a member of House Custard alongside the two aforementioned and Clotted Cream Cookie Clotted Cream Cookie. The regalia worn by Custard Cookie III isn't genuine, as it was made with construction paper by the Cookie himself. He often expresses worry over his accessories becoming wrinkled, torn, or otherwise damaged. Custard Cookie III is the only Cookie in GingerBrave & Friends who originates from Cookie Run: Kingdom. Custard Cookie III doesn't seem to fully understand what it means to be the king of the Vanilla Kingdom; his paper mock crown and scepter follow a stereotypical, child's version of what a king may wear rather than what Pure Vanilla Cookie a king of the Vanilla Kingdom would realistically wear. According to Strawberry Crepe Cookie Strawberry Crepe Cookie's analysis, Custard Cookie III is comprised of "70% naivety, 25% custard, and 5% royalty". Custard Cookie III was designed by Seo Yeokyeong.[1] Custard Cookie III's internal name is "cookie0514". Custard Cookie III's Taiwanese voice actress, Zhan Yajing, also provides the voices of Strawberry Crepe Cookie Strawberry Crepe Cookie, White Lily Cookie White Lily Cookie and Weapon Merchant Cookie.
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