Honorable Descendant
Custard Cookie III

Release Date


Game Description

Who's this Cookie wrapped up in a waffle cape? Oh, it's none other than Custard Cookie III, who's dressed up in his royal Vanillian robes for the Grand Ball! Just look at him: he's on his toes for his dancing partner! No wonder why there's a whole line of Cookies fawning over him!


Honorable Descendant is based off of Pure Vanilla Cookie Pure Vanilla Cookie. Rather than Pure Vanilla Cookie's vanilla orchid staff, the costume's staff more closely resembles a Craft happy planter Happy Planter. Honorable Descendant was featured in the BOO! Halloween Masquerade Story in the update of the same name before being released as a fully-acquirable Costume. Honorable Descendant is the only Costume included in the Annual Grand Ball set that does not have a full gacha illustration. Honorable Descendant is the first Epic Costume belonging to a Cookie of a Rarity below Epic. Additionally, Honorable Descendant is the first and currently only Epic Costume belonging to a Rare Cookie.