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Elder Faerie Cookie


Guardian's Valor

Guardian's Valor


Elder Faerie Cookie strikes down with his sword containing Prism Energy to deal damage, taunt enemies, and purify debuffs on himself. Then, the energy in the sword causes an explosion, dealing more damage, applying Injury, and reducing the amount of HealingHealing enemies receive. He shields his allies with an HP ShieldHP Shield proportional to his ally Cookies' Max HP, and the shield capacity increases with more buffs applied on Elder Faerie Cookie. Elder Faere Cookie grants a Prism Shard and applies a DMG ResistDMG Resist buff go himself, White Lily Cookie, and a Cookie with the highest ATK (or two Cookies with the highest ATK if White Lily Cookie is not in the team). If Elder Faerie Cookie has the Beascuit HP upgrade, he can apply Prism Shards to more allies. Using a Prism Shard ChargeCharge will heal the target's HP for a certain amount of time. Unlike other Cookies, White Lily Cookie will gain two Prism Shards. Elder Faerie Cookie's DMG ResistDMG Resist will increase when affected by a debuff. While Elder Faerie Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


Guardian's Valor Sword DMG: 22.8% of summoner's Max HP Guardian's Valor Explosion DMG: 63.8% of summoner's Max HP Injury: Max HP -11.0% for 12.0 sec; capped at -25% HealingHealing: -30.0% for 12.0 sec; stacks up to x1 Status Taunt Taunt: 8.0 sec Status HP ShieldHP Shield HP ShieldHP Shield: 10.0% of target's Max HP for 7.0 sec + 1.0% per buff applied on Elder Faerie Cookie; capacity capped at 25.0% File:Status Prism Shard Target.png : Cookie with the highest ATK x2 + x1 per Beascuit HP bonus effect File:Status Prism Shard.png s: x1 for 12.0 sec; negates all damage exceeding 10.0% of Cookie's Max HP at the expense of a ChargeCharge Status HealingHealing HP HealingHealing: 2.0% of Max HP every 1 sec for 5 sec Status DmgDown DMG ResistDMG Resist: +15.0% for 12.0 sec; stacks up to x1 Passive: Status DmgDown DMG ResistDMG Resist: +20.0% for 15.0 sec when receiving debuffs; stacks up to x2


Elder Faerie





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Voice Actor

  • Zeke Alton
  • Song Jun-seok (송준석)
  • Sahara Makoto (佐原誠)
  • Guan Zhihong (官志宏)
  • Rob Phetprasit (รบ เพชรประสิทธิ์)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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Game Info

Elder Faerie Cookie (Korean: 요정왕 쿠키, yojeong-wang kuki, "Fairy King Cookie") is a Super Epic Cookie released in the Cookie Laboratorium update (v5.2) alongside Matcha Cookie. He is of the DefenseDefense DefenseDefense type and his position is prioritized to the Front Front. He originally appeared as an NPC in the Secrets of the Silver Kingdom update (v.5.0). Elder Faerie Cookie was the venerated ruler of the Faerie Kingdom. He was the Guardian of the Silver Tree's Seal on the Beast Cookies, as appointed by the Witches eons ago. As of the events of Theater of Lies, he is deceased, and White Lily Cookie is the current Guardian of the Seal.

Game Description

Somewhere in Beast-Yeast, hidden behind a shimmering veil, stands the Faerie Kingdom—a kingdom that began with but one Cookie. Elder Faerie Cookie has walked this Earthbread for eons, standing at the very core of countless cycles of birth and destruction that have shaped this world. Only hushed whispers of his origins are passed down as legends. His sole purpose is to contain the ancient and malevolent forces that threaten to escape at any moment. His will and power are imbued within the seal—a vital source of life for the Silver Tree to grow. Little do Cookies know that the age of peace and prosperity they enjoy is owed to Elder Faerie Cookie's tireless effort. But the stern monarch's adamant will remains unbothered, for it has been ages since he embraced the stoic path of the Guardian of the Seal.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Elder Faerie Cookie's soul. Over the eons, it became as adamant as the Guardian's resolve.
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