Espresso Cookie

Espresso CookieEspresso Cookie
Espresso Cookie
Precise and even grinding is key for magically delicious coffee! A giant whirlwind inflicts periodic area damage to enemies and pulls them from afar to its center even if they are resistant to interrupts. The final burst of damage may interrupts skills. While Espresso Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
* DMG: 98.4% over 7 hits (+1.1-1.2% DMG per level) * Final hit DMG: 123.0% (+1.4-1.5% DMG per level)
Perfect Extraction
Perfect Extraction
Precise and even grinding is key for magically delicious coffee! A giant whirlwind inflicts serial area damage to enemies and pulls them from afar to its center even if they are resistant to interrupts. The final burst inflicts Injury and may interrupt skills. While Espresso Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. (DMG relative to Max HP is capped at 300,000)
* Extra DMG on final hit: * Single hit DMG (Cookies): 261.8% (+1.88-2% per level) + 3.6% fixed DMG relative to Max HP * Single hit DMG (Others): 198.4% (+3.4-3.5% per level) * Status HpDown : Max HP -8.0% (+0.06-0.07% per level) (from the start of the battle) for 20.0 sec, Injury limit up to 25%
Release Date01/21/2021TierSEvaluation* If you're above the 10th round of wizard soup, you'll get a fainting debuff added to your skill * High damage and fainting deburf is a flawless dealer with both fluidity
Voice Actor
  • Park Yo-han (박요한)
  • Komada Wataru (駒田航)
  • Zach Aguilar
  • Fu Shuang (符爽)
  • Ruchira Khachicharoen (รุจิระ ขจีเจริญ)
  • Martin Sabel
  • Jonathan GIMBORD
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Game Info
Espresso CookieEspresso CookieEspresso Cookie (Korean: Espresso CookieEspresso CookieEspresso Cookie, esupureso-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie available since launch. He is of the Magic Magic type and his position is prioritized to the Middle Middle. Espresso CookieEspresso CookieEspresso Cookie is the esteemed pioneer and proponent of Coffee Magic, researching and experimenting through many sleepless nights to constantly refine his craft. This mage occasionally teaches classes on Coffee Magic at the Parfaedia Institute. He plays a major role in his and Madeleine CookieMadeleine CookieMadeleine Cookie's Cookie Story, Couldn't Care Less... And Yet questline, co-starring alongside Madeleine CookieMadeleine CookieMadeleine Cookie, Snow Sugar CookieSnow Sugar CookieSnow Sugar Cookie, and Alchemist CookieAlchemist CookieAlchemist Cookie. He appears in the Parfaedia Institute Event as the professor of the Advanced Course, Theorems of Coffee Magic. He also plays a supporting role in The Expedition To Protect Earthbread and appears extensively throughout Cookie Odyssey as the Soul Jam's lead researcher.
Game Description
Precise temperature, precise quantity of coffee beans, precise roasting time! Everything must be in a precise—impeccably precise—order for the plan to work. Always busy, always on the go—this is the lifestyle of Espresso CookieEspresso CookieEspresso Cookie. Despite being frequently mistaken for a black mage—yes, sometimes things burn, and smoke—Espresso CookieEspresso CookieEspresso Cookie can't afford to waste a second on meaningless explanations. Night after night, this pioneer of magic works on perfecting his grind and brew. "Isn't that too much coffee?" one might wonder. Well, at least there's always the delightful coffee fragrance in the air!
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