Fettuccine Cookie


Unstable Fettuccine

Unstable Fettuccine


Fettuccine Cookie taunts enemies and smacks them down with her giant fettuccine arms, dealing DMG, making the enemies prone to Earth-type DMG and reducing their ATK. Next, she restores her HP and gains a Fettuccine Wraps buff. This slightly confused Cookie's Unstable Aura reduces enemies' ATK within its range and restores the team's HP after a given number of enemies within said range are defeated. The more Fettuccine Cookie's Max HP is reduced, the more her DMG ResistDMG Resist increases. Once per battle, after being defeated, Fettuccine Cookie becomes Immortal and decreases enemies' ATK SPD with her Unstable Aura at the expense of her own ATK SPD for the duration of her Immortal state. While Fettuccine Cookie is using her skill, she will become resistant to interrupting effects.


• Unstable Fettuccine DMG: Earth Element711.6% of ATK HealingHealing: 87.5% of ATK every 1 sec for 7 sec • Taunt: 12.0 sec • Enemy ATK: -19.5% for 8.0 sec • Fettuccine Wraps Fortified Fettuccine Wraps: Max HP +30.0%, DMG ResistDMG Resist +15.0%, HealingHealing received +30.0% for 10 sec • Unstable Aura: enemy ATK -15.0% for 5 sec • Pieces HealingHealing +27.5% of DEF when x3 enemies are defeated; HealingHealing is capped at 200.0% of target's Max HP • Unstable State: Immortality for 5.0 sec, Status AtkSpdDown ATK SPD -50.0% • Fortified Unstable Aura: enemy ATK SPD -20.0% for 5 sec • Passive: DMG ResistDMG Resist +3.0% for each -2.0% of Fettuccine Cookie's Max HP; capped at 30.0%







Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Nadia Hamzeh
  • Ryu Ji-a (류지아)
  • Hioka Natsumi (日岡なつみ)
  • Guo Yixin (郭怡心)
  • Arisara Khaengkhan (อริสรา แข่งขัน)
  • Angelina Tramm
  • Suzanne Raimbault

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Earth ElementEarth Element

Game Info

Fettuccine Cookie (Korean: 페투치니맛 쿠키, petuchini-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the second part of The Lost Golden City update (v4.12). She is of the DefenseDefense type and her position is prioritized to the Front. She was first introduced as an NPC in the first part of The Lost Golden City update (v4.11). Fettuccine Cookie is a shambling and confused mummy Cookie. Among the dormant souls of the massacred Golden Cheese Kingdom, her soul was damaged by beetles, leading her to be rendered in this half-alive state even in the virtual Golden City.

Game Description

Woo... In the vibrant domain of the Golden Cheese Kingdom, one Cookie stands out form the usual crowd—Fettuccine Cookie! While the residents of the Golden City adorn themselves in sparkling gold and jewels, Fettuccine Cookie is wrapped in stale pasta noodles. Then again... considering her instinctive attraction to precious metals, there's no doubt she hails from the Kingdom of Gold. One look at this Cookie slowly trudging the kingdom's dark alleys, unaware of her origin or purpose, will send a chill down some Cookies dough.(sic) Who knows: you might end up transported to a hidden corner of the Golden Cheese Kingdom. Some even say that Fettuccine Cookie herself might be the error... Whether she knows about this theory is unclear, as her only interest seems to be gazing at her reflection in the waters to see if her pasta noodle is wrapped tight.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Fettuccine Cookie's soul. Soft plods of wandering footsteps seem to be echoing from it.
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