Fire Spirit Cookie

Fire Spirit Cookie (Unreleased)Fire Spirit Cookie (Unreleased)
Fire Spirit Cookie



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Voice Actor

  • Park Seongtae (박성태)
  • Martin AMIC
  • Sugita Tomokazu (杉田智和)
  • Daniel Welbat
  • Akapon Sapphayaarchin (อรรคพล ทรัพยอาจิณ)
  • Austin Lee Matthews
  • Niu Kaiyang (鈕凱暘)

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Game Info

Fire Spirit Cookie (Unreleased)Fire Spirit Cookie (Unreleased)Fire Spirit Cookie (Unreleased) (Korean: Fire Spirit Cookie (Unreleased)Fire Spirit Cookie (Unreleased)Fire Spirit Cookie (Unreleased), bulkkotjeongryeong kuki) is an unreleased Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom. He is a playable Legendary Cookie in Cookie Run: OvenBreak, but he is currently not playable in Kingdom. His only appearances so far are on the official site, in The Art of Cookie Run: Kingdom, and in the launch trailer.

Game Description

Most Cookies merely adopted the flames of the Dragon's Valley, but this legendary Cookie was born in it, molded by it. This mysterious Cookie lives in both the Cookie World and the Dragon World. The Red Dragon's Bead that he carries is proof that he has either won the Red Dragon's favor or has escaped with some kind of mischievous trade.
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