Frilled Jellyfish Cookie

Frilled Jellyfish Cookie


Frilled Snare

Frilled Snare


Upon using her skill, Frilled Jellyfish Cookie ensnares up to 5 enemies (targets Cookies first) with her tentacles, dealing Sea Foam damage and reducing their ATK SPD. The targets are inflicted with Zap and take increased Water-type DMG. Additionally, Frilled Jellyfish Cookie will burrow in the ground and protect herself with a DMG ResistDMG Resist buff. When Frilled Jellyfish Cookie uses her skill, ATK SPD changes don't affect her actions. If Frilled Jellyfish Cookie is defeated, she will dissipate into several little jellyfish, who will periodically provide Healing for the team.


• Snare: 2.6 sec • Foam Sea Foam DMG to Ensnared Targets: 188.6%188.6% of ATK every 0.5 sec for 2.6 sec DMG ResistDMG Resist while Burrowed: +42.5% • ATK SPD: -99.0% for 0.70 sec • Zap: 25.5% DMG every 0.5 sec for 2.6 sec; ignores HP ShieldHP Shield • Water-type DMG: +32.5% for 10 sec • Little Jellyfish: Healing for 11.6% of ATK every 1.0 sec





Release Date


Voice Actor

  • Jessie Gill
  • Lee Bo-hee (이보희)
  • Sato Minako (佐藤未奈子)
  • Qiu Hanfei (邱涵菲)
  • Supisara Siriwan (ศุภิศรา ศิริวรรณ)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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Game Info

Frilled Jellyfish Cookie (프릴해파리맛 쿠키, pulilhaepali-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the third part of the A Mermaid's Tale update (v4.10). She is of the Support type and her position is prioritized to the Middle. She made her first appearance as an NPC in the A Mermaid's Tale update (v4.9), appearing in the A Mermaid's Tale Special Episode. Soft yet diligent, Frilled Jellyfish Cookie was the loyal attendant and maid to the Gem Mermaids of Tearcrown. She was particularly close to White Pearl Cookie, with White Pearl Cookie considering Frilled Jellyfish Cookie "[her] only friend" upon her transformation into Black Pearl Cookie.

Game Description

What news do you bring today, jellyfish?" Frilled Jellyfish Cookie asks her little friends coming from all corners of the sea first thing in the morning. There is no other Cookie in the entire kingdom of Tearcrown with a keener eye for cleanliness and beauty. Carried by seawater, Frilled Jellyfish Cookie appears wherever there is a need for tidying up. Perhaps it is thanks to her tireless efforts the scenery of the Kingdom of Merfolk is so breathtaking. Frilled Jellyfish Cookie's soft, Jelly-like body allows her to float anywhere in the Saccharine Sea, yet she has chosen to serve only one White Pearl Cookie. When asked why, she always answers, "How could I not love someone full of life?

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Frilled Jellyfish Cookie's soul. One the verge of peril, Frilled Jellyfish Cookie took a kind Cookie's helping hand, and at that very moment, her soul was reborn.
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