Hollyberry Cookie


Oath on the Shield

Oath on the Shield


Let out a war cry of fury! Hollyberry Cookie ChargeCharges forward and becomes a shield to all of her Cookie allies, absorbing a portion of the damage they take, excluding continuous DMG and indirect DMG. While Hollyberry Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


• Single hit DMG: 349.5% • Additional DMG to targets immune to Stun: 405.0% of ATK • DMG ignoring DMG Reduction to targets immune to Stun: 50.0% • DMG Focus: absorbs 35.0% of DMG allies take for 9 sec • CRIT Resist: +35.0% for 9 sec • Seed of Life: Max HP +5.0%, blooms into Berry of Life upon x15 stacks • Berry of Life: adds 2 sec of Status Stun Stun to the next skill's ChargeCharge DMG • Passive: Debuff ResistDebuff Resist +30.0%







Release Date



• Damage concentration figure rises after 2nd anniversary upward patch • Required for all Arena Decks • Performance to crush all tanker positions • Reducing damage is the most important thing, so topping work is very difficult.

Voice Actor

  • Elizabeth Maxwell
  • Yi Sae-ah (이새아)
  • Yukinari Toa (行成とあ)
  • Wei Jingqi (魏晶琦)
  • Natta Hirunsatit (ณัฐฐา หิรัญสถิตย์)
  • Meike Schmidt
  • Camille LAMACHE

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Soulstone Farming

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Game Info

Hollyberry Cookie (Korean: 홀리베리 쿠키, holli-beri kuki) is one of the five Ancient Heroes of Cookie Run: Kingdom. She is the second to be released, being made playable alongside Raspberry Cookie Raspberry Cookie in the first part of the Heart of Courage and Passion update (v2.0). She is of the DefenseDefense DefenseDefense type and her position is prioritized to the Front Front. Like the other Ancient Cookies, she is briefly playable in the Prologue. Hollyberry Cookie is the founder of the Hollyberry Kingdom and appears prominently in Episodes 11 & 12 of World Exploration. She is also Royal Berry Cookie's mother, Jungleberry Cookie's mother-in-law, and Princess Cookie Princess Cookie & Tiger Lily Cookie Tiger Lily Cookie's grandmother. Her current position in the Hollyberry Kingdom is that of Queen Mother. She carries the Light of Passion in her Soul Jam.

Game Description

What else could result in such an overwhelming passion if not the reddest hollyberries, ripened under the hottest summer sunlight? Hollyberry Cookie believes that every friendship, like every victory, should be triumphant. After all, there is nothing in the world as hard as trust! Not even the all-enduring Hollyberry Shield with which she swore to protect her beloved ones. It is said that Hollyberry Cookie leading a ChargeCharge onto the battlefield is the most inspiring view. A view that inspires to repay with trust to those who put trust in you.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Hollyberry Cookie's soul. Holding this stone, you can almost hear the horns of victory.
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