Icicle Yeti Cookie


Let's Be Friends!

Let's Be Friends!


Icicle Yeti Cookie buffs the allies and periodically restores their HP. They will assume the yeti form, jump towards the nearest enemy, and create a Shield of Ice to protect them. The Shield of Ice will absorb a portion of all incoming direct non-periodic damage and make the team resistant to Freezing. Then, Icicle Yeti Cookie will return to their position and deal a portion of the damage received in the yeti form with an icicle attack.


HealingHealing: 12.7% every 1.0 sec for 10 sec • Additional HealingHealing for Ice-type Skill Cookies: 31.8% of ATK DMG ResistDMG Resist: +15.5% for 10 sec • Amplify Buff: +15.0% for 10 sec • Resistance FreezeFreeze Resistance: FreezeFreeze Duration & DMG -70.0% for 10 sec • Yeti Transformation: • Shield of Ice: absorbs 30.0% of DMG recieved by allies during Yeti Transformation • Icicle DMG: deals Ice Element5.0% of all DMG received by themselves during Yeti Transformation




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Release Date



• 스냅드래곤과 비슷한 힐량 DMG ResistDMG Resist 증가로 블랙펄 쿠키의 리더 효과와 시너지 • 서리여왕을 포함한 FreezeFreeze덱 혹은 정석덱 사용 FreezeFreeze 저항으로 FreezeFreeze덱 카운터 • 토핑은 쿨타임 최대한 높게하고 공격력 부옵션이 높으면 힐량도 높아짐 • 홀리베리 쿠키, 페투치니맛 쿠키와 함께 투탱으로 조합

Voice Actor

  • Greg Vinciguerra
  • Kim Ye-ryeong (김예령)
  • Shindō Amane (進藤あまね)
  • Jing Xi (井西)
  • Nichakan Hongbin (ณิชกานต์ หงษ์บิน)
  • Britta Boehlke

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Soulstone Farming

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Ice ElementIce Element

Game Info

Icicle Yeti Cookie is a Special Cookie released in the Icicle Yeti's Winter Song update (v4.14). They are of the HealingHealing type and their position is prioritized to the Front. They can only be acquired from the Pavilion of Promise.

Game Description

Is there a friend this Yeti can share this perfect morning with? Icicle Yeti's song echoes and breaks the chilly dawn, signaling the start of another day. This adorable Yeti used to be an icicle in a cave, but one day, a powerful being of frost was born... And along with them, this creature too was imbued with life! In legends, Yetis are depicted as ferocious and dangerous, but this particular one only wanted a friend to call their own. Melting and softening their spikes here and there turned them into an adorable Cookie! Small yet mighty—Icicle Yeti Cookie can pick up a Cookie like they weigh nothing, and fight off enemies with one hand! What excites this Cookie the most is making snowmen and having snowball fights with their new buddy! Cold to the touch, but warm at heart—this friendly Cookie is always ready to make new friends!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Icicle Yeti Cookie's soul. It hums a wishful tune, longing to make many friends.


According to their loading screen trivia, "Icicle Yeti's spikes are quite sharp, so linking arms or hugging may cause a little sting." According to a loading screen during the Icicle Yeti's Winter Song update, "Way up in the pristine snow-covered mountain, lives a lonely Yeti who sings and longs for a friend." Icicle Yeti has 2 separate pages in Icicle Yeti's Winter Song's Appearing Cookies section—one for their Cookie form and one for their Yeti form. Their Cookie form section reads as such: Icicle Yeti Cookie loves to sing! They even have over 50 songs written! Does this make them the best composer Cookie there is? This icy Cookie longed for a friend from the moment they became an Icicle Yeti. This Cookie probably has the earliest start to their morning! They just love the crisp morning air! Be careful! Icicle Yeti Cookie might melt under high temperatures! Their icicles are very spiky, so be prepared for a little sting when you link arms! Their Yeti form section reads as such: There are several yetis in the snowy mountains, but they rarely leave their territories. This Icicle Yeti wanted a friend so bad they turned themselves into a Cookie! Some Cookies mistake Icicle Yeti for a giant mirror. Cold on the outside, warm on the inside! This Icicle Yeti is always eager to make friends. They say Icicle Yeti can defeat all monsters in the snowy mountains when unleashing their true powers. Icicle Yeti Cookie's internal name is "cookie0591".
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