Milk Cookie

Milk CookieMilk Cookie
dialogue bubbleDarkness, begone!
Milk Cookie
Noble Sacrifice
Noble Sacrifice
Stands at the front line, causing area damage, and taunts the enemies, forcing them to attack himself. While the skill is active, Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie's Divine Milk Shield decreases incoming damage. While Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.
* DMG ResistDMG Resist: +50.0% for 5.0 sec * Single hit DMG: 219.0% (+?.?% DMG per level) * Taunt for 5 sec
Noble Resolution
Noble Resolution
Stands at the front line, causing area damage, and taunts the enemies, forcing them to attack himself. While the skill is active, Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie's Divine Milk Shield decreases incoming damage. While Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. At the end, Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie removes all debuffs and heals HP equal to a portion of damage he blocked.
* Healing: 30.0% of damage blocked with the shield (+0.6-0.7% DMG per level) * Bonus Skill DMG: 77.5% (+0.8% DMG per level) * Debuff ResistDebuff Resist (Self): +8.0% (+0.2-0.3% per level) for 10.0 sec * Purify: all debuff effects
Strawberry SyrupCommonStrawberry Syrup
Chocolate GoodnessCommonChocolate Goodness
Banana SyrupCommonBanana Syrup
Milk Cookie's CostumesRareMilk Cookie's Costumes
AliasesMilkPronounsHe/HimRelease Date01/21/2021
TierCEvaluation* Useful as a tanker on a low-level stage * Vulnerable to wide-range aircraft
Voice Actor
  • Shin Yong-woo (신용우)
  • Ishikawa Kaito (石川界人)
  • Daman Mills
  • Zhang Li’ang (張立昂)
  • Pattarawut Samutnawi (ภัทรวุฒิ สมุทรนาวี)
  • Jesse Grimm
  • Yoann SOVER
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Game Info
Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie (Korean: Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie, ooyoo-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie available since launch. He is of the Defense type and his position is prioritized to the Front Front. He is the adventuring partner of Purple Yam CookiePurple Yam CookiePurple Yam Cookie and makes an appearance in the end of the Flame of Unity and An Oath Lit by Beacons Stories alongside him.
Game Description
Everything the light touches, let there be peace! Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie made a divine oath to protect the world from all evil. When raising up the Healing Milk Mace, a splendid glow soars to the skies and bathes the world in light. The forces of evil flee in terror at the sight of the Divine Milk Shield. Milk CookieMilk CookieMilk Cookie has faced many foes, and yet his resolve remains unsullied by corruption and despair. Even on the brink of exhaustion, this selfless and noble protector will cast a blessing of protection for other Cookies first.
Ancient Cookie
Legendary Cookie
Super Epic Cookie
Special Cookie
Epic Cookie
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Rare Cookie
Common Cookie
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