Moonlight Cookie


Dream of the Night Sky

Dream of the Night Sky


Moonlight Cookie falls aSleepSleep in the night sky and dreams a dream where stars fall onto the enemies' heads, dealing damage and applying a DMG Increase debuff. Then, bright moonlight illuminates the battlefield, dealing damage to the enemies and putting them to SleepSleep. Enemies that didn't fall ASleepSleep become Drowsy and will eventually fall ASleepSleep when their resistance statuses wear off. When Moonlight Cookie awakens, she will restore her own HP. She will also restore her own HP upon awakening from SleepSleep effects cast by enemies. Being a dweller of the World of Dreams, Moonlight Cookie is not susceptible to the Beckoning Dreams effect. (DMG relative to Max HP is capped at 300,000)


* Weakness: +25.0% for 12.0 sec: stacks up to x1 * Starlight Periodic DMG: up to x10 ticks for 1.8 sec; 59.1% DMG per tick * Additional Starlight DMG: 5.5% of Max HP (Cookies) * Starlight ignoring DMG ResistDMG Resist: 40.0% * Moonlight DMG: * Single hit DMG (Cookies): 125.0% of ATK + 3.0% of true DMG proportional to Max HP + SleepSleep for 2.0 sec * Single hit DMG (Others): 255.0% of ATK + SleepSleep for 2.0 sec * Drowsiness: ATK SPD -15.0%, MOV SPD -15.0% for 15.0 sec * Self-HealingHealing: 29.8% of ATK







Release Date



• Cookies that should be held first as overbalance cookies • Highest offensive power ever • Strong against freezing meta with a brief invincible avoidance during skill demonstrations • High damage volume and the strongest debuff on ice have SleepSleep skills

Voice Actor

  • G.K. Bowes
  • Park Seon-yeong (박선영)
  • Ishikawa Yui (石川由依)
  • Lin Peiling (林沛笭)
  • Chanidapha Matpha (ชนิดาภา มัฐผา)
  • Vanida Karun
  • Pamela RAVASSARD

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Soulstone Farming

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Game Info

Moonlight Cookie (Korean: 달빛술사 쿠키, dalbitsulsa kuki, "Moonlight MagicMagician Cookie") is a Legendary Cookie released alongside Milky Way Cookie in the first part of the Invitation from the Slumbering Moon update (v4.0). She is of the MagicMagic type and her position is prioritized to the Middle.

Game Description

Moonlight Cookie's graceful wavy hair shines under the night sky, elegant and mystical as ever. She was created by the ancient wizards and learned the secrets of the City of Wizards. Now, all the wizards are gone and she is the only one left to protect the city. She is the strongest while in her dreams, therefore is able to protect the city from intruders. Whenever she feels sad, she falls aSleepSleep, where she is able to lean by her friend Moon and draw in the night sky with her Star friends to cheer up.

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Moonlight Cookie's soul. It emanates the feeling of ages-old longing.


A desire to be with Moonlight Cookie is the one motivator behind much all of Sea Fairy Cookie Sea Fairy Cookie's actions, though she is often referred to as simply "the moon" in content relating to Sea Fairy Cookie. Although Moonlight Cookie is not mentioned in Sea Fairy Cookie's description, Sea Fairy Cookie references her often in her quotes. In some promotional material for Kingdom, Moonlight Cookie appears in a sample user's profile icon. This icon is reused from the defunct Cookie Wars and is only a placeholder.* According to her loading screen trivia, "How much time has passed...? The starry night sky has never been the same since Moonlight Cookie's silent vigil began in the City of Wizards..." Moonlight Cookie's internal name is "cookie0049". Moonlight Cookie and her update are occasionally referred to "iu" in the game's files.
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