Pinecone Cookie


Pinecone Bomb

Pinecone Bomb


Pinecone Cookie gets up on the tree golem and simultaneously heals themselves and the two allies with the highest ATK. While Pinecone Cookie is riding the tree golem, their Max HP is increased. Pinecone Cookie then throws Pinecone bombs at the enemy Cookie with the highest ATK, Stunning them. The Pinecone Bombs deal area damage to nearby enemies. If there are targets suffering from Frost within the area damage range, they will also become Stunned. If a target is immune to Stun, it will receive additional DMG.


• Bomb Explosion DMG: 73.5% (+1.00% per level) + Stun 1.5 sec • Bomb Area DMG: 122.5% (+1.67% per level) • Bomb Area DMG ignoring DMG ResistDMG Resist: 25.0% • Bomb Explosion Stun for targets with Frost: 0.3 sec • Additional DMG to targets immune to Stun: 225.0% • Tree Golem: heals self for 50.0% of ATK once, increases Max HP by 200.0% during ride







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• Bulletproof counter for additional damage to fainting immune targets • But it's not enough to break through BTSBTS' heels. • It's a pity that I don't have immunity because of my debuff condition.

Voice Actor

  • Mara Junot
  • Kim A-rong (김아롱)
  • Taichi Yō (大地 葉)
  • Wan Wan (萬萬)
  • Pornprapa Swangsak (พรประภา แสวงศักดิ์)
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

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Soulstone Farming

에피소드 17-3


Ice ElementIce Element

Game Info

Pinecone Cookie (솔방울맛 쿠키, solbang-ul-mat kuki) is an Epic Cookie released in the second part of the Stories by the Fireplace update (v3.11). They are of the BomberBomber type and their position is prioritized to the Front. They first appeared as an NPC in the Warmer Together: Cookie Holidays! Story Event.

Game Description

If you see a little Cookie running among the trees, it's probably Pinecone Cookie, the mighty keeper of the forest. Get outta the way! Busy, busy! The forest is so vast, yet there's only one Pinecone Cookie! There is so much to do: help the forest animals prepare for winter hibernation, straighten out the quarreling birds, find and scratch that itchy patch of bark for the oak tree, and much more! Each choco bark layer of Pinecone Cookie's imposing hat is filled with eagerness to protect their woodland home. That's right: the forest has been their home for as long as they can remember—which is why they prefer the company of trees and animals. yes, the mighty forest keeper is hardly familiar with the ways of their fellow Cookies! But what does it matter when they know everything about the forest dwellers and can understand the language of the rustling leaves?!

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Pinecone Cookie's soul. Although small in size, the stone's pine needle scent is strong enough to embrace the whole big forest!


* Pinecone Cookie's Taiwanese voice actress, Wan Wan, also provides the voice of Cocoa Cookie Cocoa Cookie.

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