Pitaya Dragon Cookie


Draconic Bladestorm

Draconic Bladestorm


Pitaya Dragon Cookie fires off two waves of draconic blade energy, dealing damage and reducing the amount of HealingHealing the targets receive. After this, the Cookie assumes their dragon form and spews flaming breath to deal damage ignoring DMG ResistDMG Resist and reducing the targets' ATK. Whenever Pitaya Dragon Cookie uses their skill, they gain a stack of Pitaya Fury that will enhance the skill upon reaching the maximum stacks. When using the enhanced skill, Pitaya Dragon Cookie's flaming breath will deal damage ignoring DMG ResistDMG Resist and decrease the target's resistance to Fire-type DMG. In their dragon form, the Cookie will gain increased CRIT% and remove all debuffs applied to themselves. As a Dragon Cookie, Pitaya Dragon Cookie will receive less damage from other Dragon Cookies and have their DMG ResistDMG Resist increased in proportion to their ATK enhanced with Toppings. While Pitaya Dragon Cookie is using their skill, they will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


• Draconic Blade Energy DMG: Fire Element225.9% per hit • Target's HealingHealing: -35.0% for 15 sec; stacks up to x1 • Flaming Breath DMG: Fire Element110.5% every 0.4 sec for 2 sec; ignores 10.0% of target's DMG ResistDMG Resist • Target's ATK: -18.7% for 15 sec; stacks up to x1 • Pitaya Fury: skill enhancement upon 2 stacks • Enhanced Flaming Breath DMG: Fire Element195.6% every 0.25 sec for 2 sec; ignores 40.0% of target's DMG ResistDMG Resist • Fire-type DMG: +15.0% for 15 sec; stacks up to x1 • CRIT%: +10.0% for 3 sec; stacks up to x1 DMG ResistDMG Resist Increase from Toppings: +3.0% per 1.0% of increased ATK; up to 35.0% DMG ResistDMG Resist • DMG from other Dragon Cookies: -30.0%







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Voice Actor

  • Andrew Morgado
  • Yang Seok-jeong (양석정)
  • Konishi Katsuyuki (小西克幸)
  • Song Kejun (宋克軍)
  • Ukrit Distakorn (อุกฤษณ์ ดิษฐากรณ์)
  • Joshy Peters
  • Arnaud LEONARD

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Fire ElementFire Element

Game Info

Pitaya Dragon Cookie (Korean: 용과 드래곤 쿠키, yong-gwa duregon kuki), also known as the Red Dragon, the Greenish Red Dragon, or simply the Pitaya Dragon, is a Dragon Cookie released alongside Royal Margarine Cookie in the Legend of the Red Dragon update (v4.5). They are of the ChargeCharge type and their position is prioritized to the Front. They first appeared as an NPC who appears in the first part of the Heart of Courage and Passion update (v2.0) in World ExplorationWorld Exploration's Grandberry Market and Hollyberry Palace. They are the final boss of Hollyberry Palace. Though it was defeated by Hollyberry Cookie in the past, Pitaya Dragon Cookie took over the Hollyberry Kingdom throne once she disappeared, ruling the region with an iron fist. After their multiple defeats, they later appear in the forests of the Hollyberry Kingdom in the Legend of the Red Dragon story, with their power mysteriously vanishing.

Game Description

Eons ago, terrifying creatures roamed the land. Existing long before Cookies ran, there was a gargantuan Red Dragon with flames burning hotter than brimstone and scales shining brighter than rubies. Within the crater of a volcano, the dragon would wake with a thunderous roar that shook the heavens. Soaring the skies, this legendary behemoth terrorized the world with cataclysmic firestorms. Cookies of the past told tales of this tremendous creature meddling with mortal affairs and burning entire kingdoms down to the ground... until its powers suddenly began to wane. Could it be that one of the dragon's nefarious deals went awry...? After biding time behind a veil of smoke and lava, a smaller and crispier form emerged: Pitaya Dragon Cookie. Will the world witness the dreaded firestorms of legend once more?

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of Pitaya Dragon Cookie's soul. The ancient life force dwells within, ready to explode!


Pitaya Dragon Cookie's true form is their Red Dragon form. They take their Cookie form on occasion only because it takes less power and energy to maintain than their full draconic build. Pitaya Dragon Cookie speaks with a lisp, extending S-sounds in speech in a way that resembles hissing. This speech quirk is wholly absent in all versions of the game other than English. Pitaya Dragon Cookie is missing the tip of its tail; this is a result of Knight Cookie Knight Cookie cutting it off at one point in the past while battling it. Funnily enough, it seemed to have forgotten about this happening and its tail missing its tip entirely when reminded of it in Hollyberry Palace. Pitaya Dragon Cookie is the source of Fire Spirit Cookie Fire Spirit Cookie's power as it is the supplier of his Red Dragon's Bead. Pitaya Dragon Cookie was designed by Seo Yeokyeong. According to their loading screen trivia, "Long long ago, when the legendary red dragon called the Dragon's Valley their home, thundering roars echoed throughout the valley for three days and three nights." Pitaya Dragon Cookie's internal name is "cookie0138". Pitaya Dragon Cookie shares its English voice actor, Andrew Morgado, with Royal Berry Cookie. Pitaya Dragon Cookie’s Taiwanese voice actor, Song Kejun, also provides the voice of Shady Noble. Pitaya Dragon Cookie shares its Thai voice actor, Ukrit Distakorn, with Schwarzwälder Schwarzwälder. Pitaya Dragon Cookie's original Legendary status from Cookie Run: OvenBreak was revised upon its addition to Kingdom, being changed to Dragon.
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