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RM Cookie
ARMY's Wishes

ARMY's Wishes


Thanks to ARMY's sincerest wishes, the BTS Cookies are Safeguarded and invulnerable to enemy attacks. Use the skill for periodic healing and a buff providing immunity to Stun and increased Debuff ResistDebuff Resist for the entire team. If an ally is suffering from a certain number of debuffs, the entire team will additionally receive an HP ShieldHP Shield.


• Healing: 10.9% every 1.0 sec for 7.0 sec Stun ImmunityStun Immunity: 10.0 sec Debuff ResistDebuff Resist: +30.0% for 10.0 sec • When an ally is suffering from 3 or more debuffs: HP ShieldHP Shield: 17.5% of Max HP for 3.0 sec DMG ResistDMG Resist: +13.5% for 8.0 sec; stacks up to x1







Release Date



• The best healer that combines the strengths of the existing healers • Stability and Damage Reduction Buffs in Cream Unicorn Cookie • Persistent Heels and Harmful Effects of Parfait Cookies Buffs • Special Invincible Effects of Candy Diver Cookie • Cocoa Cookie fainting immunity • Pure Vanilla Cookie's protective shield

Voice Actor

  • RM (Kim Nam-joon [김남준])
  • RM (Kim Nam-joon [김남준])
  • RM (Kim Nam-joon [김남준])
  • RM (Kim Nam-joon [김남준])
  • RM (Kim Nam-joon [김남준])
  • RM (Kim Nam-joon [김남준])
  • RM (Kim Nam-joon [김남준])

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Game Info

RM Cookie is a Special Cookie released in the Braver Together update (v3.8). He is of the BTS type and his position is prioritized to the Rear.

Game Description

Meet RM Cookie, the leader and the spirit of the BTS Cookies! Not only his fellow group members but also the ARMYs follow his leadership: after all, RM cookie's kind and comforting words can inspire and encourage anyone. This talented artist draws inspiration for his honest and resonant tracks from all genres and styles of music. However intelligent and charismatic, RM Cookie has a rather unexpected side: a talent to crush and destroy things. It is time to begin the fantastic show in the Cookie Kingdom. What will RM Cookie say to mesmerize his fans this time?

Soulstone Description

This stone holds a piece of RM Cookie's soul. It shines with a deep and rich color—perhaps, thanks to its inborn inquisitiveness and attention to even the slightest detail.


* RM Cookie was publicly revealed on September 24th, 2022 and was the first BTS Cookie to be revealed.
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